Wrap-Up: Fillmore defeats boys’ volleyball in three of five sets

Aniah McKenzie

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On Tuesday night, the boys’ volleyball team competed against Fillmore High School and was defeated in three of five sets. The final scores of each set were 8-25, 25-20, 12-25, 25-20 and 9-15, giving Fillmore the game.

Coach Janine Cobian felt that the team played well and really pushed against the difficulties of playing against Fillmore.

“The boys played fantastic [the whole] match,” Cobian said.

Cobian believed that the team did a good job when they had to play against a 6-foot-7-inch player. She felt the team played a good defense against him, despite his height.

“Fillmore has a player who is [6-feet-7-inches tall] and the boys did a great job [of] blocking and playing defense against him,” She said.

A player whom Cobian felt stuck out in a positive way was freshman Dylan Moore, whom Cobian believes is moving forward in the game of volleyball and becoming a more seasoned player.

“Dylan Moore continues to improve and make very successful plays,” Cobian said.

Other players on the team who played well were freshman Kyle Cobian, who had 36 assists, 10 digs, four aces, and three kills and Jerod Frederick, who had 16 kills and four blocks.

Also, freshman Chad Talaugon had seven kills and 13 digs, while senior Aaron Hooks had 10 kills and six blocks.

In league play, the team has two wins and 11 losses. Overall, they have two wins and 12 losses.


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