The Foothill Dragon Press

2018-2019 Staff

Jocelyn Brossia


Advocate of subtitles, proper sex education, and the Oxford comma

Lauren Shields

Managing Editor

Maya Avelar

Illustrations Editor

Anna Lapteva

News Editor

In the spirit of mankind’s desire to transcend the limits, thinking and acting with passion and purpose.

Jason Messner

Photo Editor

Claire Renar

Video Editor

Second year video journalist. Avid shutterbug, amongst other hobbies. Also can be seen watching a Wes Anderson or Tarantino film.

Marin Valerio

Features Editor

Animal aficionado, aspiring activist, caffeine connoisseur

Emma Yakel

Arts & Entertainment Editor

I am a second-year journalist as well as the A&E editor. I love reading, sparking water and perfectly cooked chocolate chip cookies.

Nick Zoll

Sports Editor

Jack Vielbig


Third-year staffer with a love for penguins, semicolons, Heelys and Chex Mix.

Abby Sourwine


Third year sports writer, senior, optimist and female embodiment of Ted Mosby.

Katie Denger


Katie Denger is a second year sports writer, soccer player and orange juice addict

Noelle Hayward


Goat fanatic and journalist who is most thankful for spell check.

Jill Vallance


I like news writing and living my best life.

Mason King


Amanda Perez


Second-year Features writer

Thomas Weldele


A first-year science writer who believes in agape love and is confused about what to do with tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

Jimena Perez


A strong believer that, "un taco al día es la llave de la alegría."

Sam Bova


Sam Bova is a third year Opinions writer but his opinions are fact and there can be no disagreeing with them.

Alex Dodos


Second-year writer

Bella Hall


Adventure enthusiast who finds the best moments in life to consist of: flower pressing, finding the perfect picnic spot, sipping chocolate milk and watching The Incredibles.

Naomi Schmitt


Jordyn Savard


I am a junior, second year illustrator, and thrifting enthusiast who is obsessed with “Friends."

Lillian Li


Blythe Blakeman


Olivia Sanford

Photo Journalist

Second year journalist. Dreaming of traveling the world someday. For now, just capturing a part of it through a lens.

Muriel Rowley

Photo Journalist

First year journalist; dancing through life and taking photos along the way.

Phoebe Gaston

Video Journalist

First-year videographer

Quinn Dinkler

Video Journalist

I am a second year video journalist, cross country and track runner, book fanatic and avid Christmas lover.

Stefan Fahr

Photo, Video Journalist

A technology enthusiast usually seen operating a camera or tuning into a rocket launch.

Ethan Crouch

Photo, Video Journalist

Rachel Chang

Communications Editor, Science Editor

Chalk artist

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