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Jamaal Brown: “God, Family and Basketball”

Bella Meza, Writer | September 11, 2019

Coach Jamaal Brown has returned to our Ventura shores from New Mexico as the Athletic Director for Foothill Technology High School. He is a happy family man, dedicated to embracing the Foothill family...

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Bienvenido Señor Ortiz 

Bella Meza, Writer | September 8, 2019

Some of you Foothill students may have noticed a new face on campus or pondered at the “unassigned” teacher on your schedules. Well, the secret is out, Foothills Spanish Department has a new member,...

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The Dos and Don’ts for a Better Letter of Recommendation

Mason King, Reporter | August 28, 2019

For many seniors, college applications are one of the most challenging obstacles they face during high school. With so many different components that go into an application, it can be confusing for students...

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Foothill Tech: only a drive-by destination for many Dragons

Thea Wulff, Writer | June 15, 2019

Foothill is considered to be a school of high academic successes, boasting a wide variety of Honors and AP courses, and supporting rigorous academies like BioScience and D-tech. Many students thrive in...

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College: How to start your expedition

Amanda Perez, Writer | June 2, 2019

In middle school, it seemed that four years would last a lifetime. College was a futuristic concept and high school graduation was light years away. Now, it’s as if I went to bed a freshman and woke...

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Actor Zachary Levi’s emotional journey from Ventura local to superhero stardom

Bella Hall, Writer | April 25, 2019

“I remember when I was a kid—a little kid—growing up in Ventura and running around barefoot on hot summer days, when the sun would go down the pavement and the concrete would all still be warm at...

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