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Opinion: Edgenuity is not an adequate platform for online learning

Olivia Zoll, Writer | May 7, 2020

“See you guys in a month,” Foothill Tech teacher Yiu Hung Li said to his journalism class. I was anxious, but excited to be given an extended spring break. Soon after, it was made apparent that we...

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Opinion: If Instagram removed ‘likes’, would that solve any of the platform’s issues?

Rebekah Yahner, Writer | April 4, 2020

You just posted that squad picture from spring break on your Instagram. You know you look cute, but you anxiously wait for that sweet, sweet social validation to roll in. You get the notification for one...

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Cartoon 61: “Visions and Expectations”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrator | March 2, 2020

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Cartoon 60: “Approaching the End”

Jordyn Savard, Illustrator | February 24, 2020

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Opinion: Death to cars when?

Alex Dodos, Writer | February 21, 2020

If you are a naive teenager at Foothill Technology High School, you probably thought at some point that cars were a gateway to freedom. Maybe you still do, but from what I have observed, the first month...

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Cartoon 59: “Goodbye Kobe”

Lillian Li, Illustrator | February 12, 2020

Dear Kobe, It’s been difficult for me to fully understand why your passing has hit me as hard as it did. I grew up watching your exploits on the court, but I was too young to understand what I was...

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