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Cartoon 92: “Hats off to FTHS class of 2021”

Alivia Baker, Illustrator | May 19, 2021

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OPINION: Are award shows doing enough for people of color?

Noelle Villasenor, Writer | May 3, 2021

After a year in quarantine that caused the entertainment industry to stop in its tracks, the 2021 award show season arrived to acknowledge the artists and creators who produced notable work in 2020, or...

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OPINION: Too much profit, not enough play; the problems with the youth sports industry today

Sam Noah, Reporter | May 1, 2021

Today, more than ever before, moderation has taken a backseat in almost every aspect of our lives. From politics to pop culture, taking things to the extreme is becoming more and more common. Sadly, one...

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OPINION: What you should know about Autism “Awareness” Month

Sean Quinn, Writer | April 29, 2021

Not only is the month of April the time for egg hunts, pranks and religious celebrations, it's also a month dedicated to advocacy for people with autism. When the title itself implies that autism is something...

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OPINION: Cancel culture: Educate or eradicate?

Sean Quinn, Writer | April 27, 2021

You may know the feeling: waking up to check social media and finding out your favorite celebrity has now been deemed “off-limits” by the Twitter world ultimately posing the question: should you join...

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OPINION: “College Shaming” needs to end

Olivia Zoll, Writer | April 21, 2021

College acceptance season. One single email that will control your future, as a result of your high school academic past. Choosing the school for your next four years is exciting, but also a time of uncertainty....

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