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Opinion: De-Standardizing Standardized Tests

Zack Kinnaman, Writer | October 30, 2019

While standardized tests are taken at most public schools in the United States (US), it’s not clear why. For two main reasons, standardized tests should not be part of the US school system, or at least...

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Cartoon 48: “Netflix Shaming”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrator | October 29, 2019

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Opinion: What Every Foothill Freshman Needs to Know

Rebekah Yahner, Writer | October 23, 2019

As my time at Foothill dwindles and I’ve begun the delightful experience of trying to stand out as a “memorable candidate” on college applications, I’ve come to realize a few important things. Though...

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Satire: Why you should boycott the Ventura County Fair

Alex Dodos, Writer | October 13, 2019

Although we are just two months out from the last Ventura County Fair, it’s not too early to make a commitment to boycotting it next year. After 143 years, it should be obvious that the Fair is nothing...

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Cartoon 47: “Isn’t it October?”

Jordyn Savard, Illustrator | October 8, 2019

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Cartoon 46: “The Grind Begins”

Lillian Li, Illustrator | September 24, 2019

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