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The effects of school closures on students’ mental health

Sean Quinn, Writer | April 30, 2020

Students across the world have felt the pain of missing months of their high school year. However, COVID-19 has posed more challenges than missing friends and a regular routine for many students. Shakti...

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La importancia de crecer bilingüe

Joana Diaz, Writer | March 12, 2020

Ser latino en California hace tener una familia bilingüe casi inevitable. Sin embargo, muchos padres Latinos no le enseñan a sus hijos su idioma natal lo cual los limita en cuestión de comunicación....

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Fascism Without Franco? Unacceptable.

Owen Hanson, Writer | March 12, 2020

In World History we learned about the rise and fall of dictators; and why they fail to remain in power. Yet, throughout a year of exploring history’s most infamous fascists, Francisco Franco Bahamonde...

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Positive LGBTQ+ Representation

Sean Quinn, Writer | March 6, 2020

 The GLAAD Studio Responsibility Index indicates that 18.2% of movies in 2018 included LGBTQ+ characters which are an increase from 13.8% in 2012. I know what you are thinking… progress! But let’s...

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Prolific figures celebrated in honor of Black History Month

Jimena Perez and Lillian Li | February 29, 2020

Black History Month celebrates the lives of African Americans and their “central role” in U.S. history. This annual celebration offers much-needed representation of African Americans around the country,...

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The effects of authoritarian parenting in Latinx Culture

Carol Sanchez, Writer | February 24, 2020

Strict parenting is a cultural norm among Latinx families. There are strict rules and high expectations placed on Latinx children that are meant to be the formula for creating a well-mannered and obedient...

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