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How the Aztecs shaped the modern world

Joana Diaz, Writer | May 9, 2020

The Aztecs dominated central Mexico from their glorious capital, Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) since their arrival during the 13th century as a nomadic tribe in Mesoamerica. They were the most powerful...

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Why Americans love Cinco de Mayo

Joana Diaz, Writer | May 3, 2020

Quick! Grab your sombreros, your ponchos and get the tacos ready, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Finally, an excuse to get tipsy off strawberry margaritas with your friends, turn up the mariachi music and eat chips...

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The effects of school closures on students’ mental health

Sean Quinn, Writer | April 30, 2020

Students across the world have felt the pain of missing months of their high school year. However, COVID-19 has posed more challenges than missing friends and a regular routine for many students. Shakti...

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La importancia de crecer bilingüe

Joana Diaz, Writer | March 12, 2020

Ser latino en California hace tener una familia bilingüe casi inevitable. Sin embargo, muchos padres Latinos no le enseñan a sus hijos su idioma natal lo cual los limita en cuestión de comunicación....

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Fascism Without Franco? Unacceptable.

Owen Hanson, Writer | March 12, 2020

In World History we learned about the rise and fall of dictators; and why they fail to remain in power. Yet, throughout a year of exploring history’s most infamous fascists, Francisco Franco Bahamonde...

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Positive LGBTQ+ Representation

Sean Quinn, Writer | March 6, 2020

 The GLAAD Studio Responsibility Index indicates that 18.2% of movies in 2018 included LGBTQ+ characters which are an increase from 13.8% in 2012. I know what you are thinking… progress! But let’s...

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