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OPINIÓN: Corrupción de día a día

Jimena Perez, Writer | April 22, 2019

La corrupción es más que común en países latinoamericanos. Es fácil culpar al gobierno y decir que los políticos son culpables de la estructura de corrupción sobre un país. Es cierto, que al poner...

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First-generation college students break barriers with AVID

Rachel Chang, Social Media Editor/Science Editor | March 25, 2019

Quick glances and prideful smiles were exchanged, then the three of them exclaimed in synchrony: “We all got into college!” Jocelyn Soriano ‘19, Jay Garcia ‘19 and Josiah Beharry ‘19 were...

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District CTE Greg Bayless invited to QSA meeting, hears student concerns

Jonathan Soriano, Writer | March 15, 2019

In the shadow of Foothill’s first-ever Pride Week, Ventura Unified School District Career and Technical Education Director Greg Bayless attended a Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) meeting during lunch on...

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New ethnic studies/social justice class can “empower students”

Jimena Perez, Writer | March 9, 2019

The content we learn in our history classes stays the same throughout the ages, but certain parts are often overlooked, ignored or forgotten in our curriculums. History curriculums tend to prioritize...

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La falsa esperanza del sueño americano

Jimena Perez, Writer | February 19, 2019

El sueño Americano es tan solo eso—un sueño. La esperanza de que al llegar a los Estados Unidos demuestres tu valor con tu esfuerzo, escales los niveles socioeconómicos y logres ser feliz. Un sueño...

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Five Mexican dishes you should be eating

Jimena Perez, Writer | February 10, 2019

Upon hearing Latin food, or more specifically Mexican food, most people's minds jump directly to burritos or tacos. Sure, burritos and tacos are great, but places such as Snapper Jack’s and Chipotle...

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