Wrap-Up: Varsity boys’ volleyball conquers Carpinteria 3-0

Wrap-Up: Varsity boys’ volleyball conquers Carpinteria 3-0

Kathryn Brandi

On Tuesday night, the varsity boys’ volleyball team conquered Carpinteria at home. The Dragons won 3-0 with individual set scores of 25-23, 25-18, and 25-20.

Sophomore Kyle Cobian had 30 assists and 3 aces, sophomore Dylan More had 8 kills, sophomore Jerod Frederick and sophomore Chad Talaugon each had 7 kills, junior Ian Overton had 25 digs during the game.

Talaugon feels that the team has improved since the beginning of the season and “played one of [their] better games.”

“[At the] beginning of [the] season, we were skeptical of how the season was gonna play out, but this game was a prime example of our talent and skill,” Talaugon said.

Coach Janine Cobian felt that the team “played very well” and was able to be consistent and maintain control throughout the game.

“The consistency of the team was what we have been looking for all season. The entire team played well and kept the mistakes to a minimum,” she said. “The game was much more controlled than the last time we played Carpinteria.”

Talaugon thought that the team was “very aggressive” and “very vocal” throughout the game. He also believes that the team was playing cohesively and “having fun.”  

The Dragons have “sealed the deal” to CIF and Talaugon “couldn’t be more proud, excited, and prepared.”

According to Cobian, the team is “working on healing existing injuries and finishing [strong] in league play prior to CIF.”

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