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The magic ends, Disney stores closing across North America

Emma Ippolito, Writer | September 14, 2021

As online shopping becomes increasingly more popular across the country, The Walt Disney Co. has decided to close almost 60 stores in North America this year to focus on its e-commerce business. The California...

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Cruella: A new perspective on the classic Disney villain

Ryann Liddell, Writer | September 14, 2021

Since the 1961 cartoon, 101 Dalmatians, people across generations have been rooting against the vile Cruella De Vil. Best known for her malicious intentions of making puppies into fur coats, people could...

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OPINION: There are no winners with China’s strict gaming policy

Kelly Quinn, Writer | September 13, 2021

In late August, an already strict gaming policy in China got even harsher for those under 18.  On August 30, 2021, China banned children from playing video games on weekdays, limiting their playing time...

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‘Outer Banks’ sparks excitement around Foothill

Isheeta Pal, Writer | September 13, 2021

Exhilarating. Adventurous. Electrifying. These are only some of the words that describe the popular Netflix original series, ‘Outer Banks’, starring Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, Madison...

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Back-to-school with tips and advice

Lily Toreja, Claire Hadley, Isheeta Pal, and Emilie Huovinen | September 8, 2021

A fresh autumn day in August and a backpack stuffed with brand new supplies for the anticipated school year. Everyone knows the feeling, but for many students this year, the annual return to school and...

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Summer activities to enjoy after a pandemic

Ryann Liddell and Isabella Fortunati | June 29, 2021

After an excruciating year of internet failures, missing Canvas submissions and hybrid classes, it seemed that summer couldn't come fast enough. After the COVID-19 pandemic took over our lives for a year,...

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