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RECIPE: Cool down by sipping watermelon slushies

Sophia Parker, Writer | April 16, 2019

With a taste of sunshine and a super bloom following rainy spring days, we can only anticipate what summer promises: being able to enjoy warm beach days filled with eating sweet, juicy fruit—without...

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Foothill’s Drama Department takes “Peter and the Starcatcher” under the stars

Bella Hall and Sophia Parker | April 11, 2019

“Peter and the Starcatcher,” by Rick Elice, is brilliant and quite entertaining for all ages. The play performed by Foothill Technology students is impacted with talented young stage actors/actresses...

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“My Favorite Murder”: Girly murder-mystery fanatics and serial psychopaths make for a disturbingly lively podcast

Bella Hall, Writer | April 8, 2019

When you are settling down after a long day of school or work, listening to a mind-boggling murder podcast sounds like anything but relaxing. However, “My Favorite Murder” perfectly executes an unusual...

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Tamora Pierce pierces hearts with breathtaking books

Elie Bufford, Writer | March 18, 2019

Throughout the years, fantasy and young adult fiction have changed drastically. From high-fantasy epics such as “Lord of the Rings" to Holden Caulfield’s escapades in “The Catcher in the Rye,”...

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“Triple Frontier” illuminates an average plot with extraordinary acting, meaningful message

Bella Hall, Writer | March 17, 2019

Despite beautiful cinematography, the film falls short when it comes to individualism; this plot is not the first of its kind.

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A masterpiece called music: the best of each genre

Bella Hall, Jordyn Savard, and Sophia Parker | March 7, 2019

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