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Five songs to brighten up your quarantine playlist

Noelle Villasenor, Writer | October 21, 2020

Though quarantine can be boring and unsure at times, music is a constant that can raise our spirits even in the worst of times. Here are five songs that will brighten up your playlists and add a great...

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Spooky activities for a COVID-safe Fall

Isabella Fortunati, Writer | October 20, 2020

Although fall in Ventura isn't quite as dramatic as other places in the United States that become draped with an array of colorful leaves, there are still many enjoyable, cliche activities that are likely...

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Enola Holmes: A twist on the timeless mystery

Ryann Liddell, Writer | October 17, 2020

Since Oct. of 1892, the fictitious Sherlock Holmes has been known for his amazing intellect and ability to solve crimes. Up until now, he’s been the center of attention in almost every adaptation of...

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The Market Report: Carrots

Kimberly Fickerson, Videographer | October 14, 2020

This is the first episode of The Market Report series. Join me as I interview Maria from Alcantar Organics and then we'll reconvene in the kitchen to give a unique spin on a simple yet delicious recipe,...

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Intriguing movies to spice up your quarantine

Isabella Fortunati and Ryann Liddell | September 25, 2020

Through these wretched months of quarantine, most people have had large amounts of free time on their hands. With the physical absence that comes with social distancing and the fatigue of seemingly never-ending...

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The 2010s: A momentous decade in LGBTQ+ pop music

Lillian Li, Writer | June 30, 2020

The normalization of unfiltered, visible LGBTQ+ artists in mainstream pop music was something that happened slowly, over years upon years...until it suddenly exploded. The dawn of the 2010s saw an unparalleled...

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