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“Stories of Minorities:” first-ever minority panel illustrates hardships faced by Foothill’s minority students

Anna Lapteva, Reporter | May 27, 2019

“Why aren’t you guys proud of us?” Jocelyn Soriano de Jesus ‘19 asked, the words tripping out of her mouth as the onset of tears made her voice quiver. “We work so hard.” Soriano de Jesus...

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“Midsummer Night Masquerade Prom” unites students through music and dancing

Dylan Mullaney and Naomi Schmitt | May 15, 2019

Anyone who’s watched a cheesy high school chick flick knows that prom has the potential be one of the biggest events of your high school career. On May 11, the “Midsummer Night Masquerade Prom” truly...

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Bioscience pushes for an AED, one is installed

Thomas Weldele and Mason King | May 8, 2019

4“Get an AED.” Two years ago, this is what the 911 dispatcher directed Jackie Fregoso ‘18 to do. However, there was no AED nearby. In her Junior year, Fregoso’s seat partner lost consciousness...

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Air Guitar’s summer bash melts away the stress of school

Jill Vallance and Noelle Hayward | May 5, 2019

The sun played its role well in this year’s theme of Air Guitar: Summer Bash. The popularity of the annual, time-honored event can be seen from the waves of kids that wait to get into the school at 6...

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Rain or shine, the chalk festival goes on

Mason King and Noelle Hayward | May 3, 2019

Foothill students, sprawling across the halls with chalk-stained hands and imaginative minds, showed their creative sides as they crafted chalk masterpieces for the annual Chalk Festival. The festival...

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Erin Prewitt and Trevor Quirk illustrate the dangers of intoxicated driving

Lauren Shields and Anna Lapteva | April 26, 2019

During the extended second period on April 24, the senior class assembled in Spirito Hall to attend a presentation given by Erin Prewitt, who is the wife of late Chris Prewitt, and her lawyer, Trevor Quirk....

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