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The Science Hub: new drug for depression, NASA budget proposal, rise in measles

Rachel Chang, Jonathan Soriano, and Thomas Weldele | March 14, 2019

New FDA-approved drug for depression Last week, a new drug for depression was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This new treatment is a fast-acting nasal spray composed of esketamine, a...

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Volleyball and the bystander effect: how understanding it will improve your game

Lillian Li, Illustrator | March 6, 2019

You are a volleyball player, getting ready to receive the opposing team's serve. The whistle blows, you take a deep breath and before you know it, the ball is propelled right in between you and your teammate...

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Physics principles of the Egg Drop

Thomas Weldele and Jonathan Soriano | March 2, 2019

Eggs are seen falling from the sky, but it does not mean that the world is ending. It signals the annual physics’ egg drop experiment. This annual event was held on Feb. 15 and Feb. 19 in the Foothill...

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The Science Hub: all about cats, update on Hayabusa2, UN aid to Yemen

Jonathan Soriano, Thomas Weldele, and Rachel Chang | February 27, 2019

Lil Bub’s rare genetics Cats. Whether it is a sleepy kitten riding a bike in its sleep or adorable cat toe beans, there is no denying that they rule the internet. Their reign continues with the unique...

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Weather 101: Pineapple Express

Thomas Weldele and Jonathan Soriano | February 23, 2019

Warm, moist topical air from Hawaii is swept along the Pacific Ocean. Over land, it cools and falls as heavy rain and/or snow.

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The Science Hub: decrease in Santa Ana winds, rise in syphilis, change in magnetic pole

Rachel Chang, Jonathan Soriano, and Thomas Weldele | February 14, 2019

Decrease in Santa Ana winds due to climate change While the ramifications of climate change are mostly negative, there may be one aspect that will bring joy to Southern Californians.  Climate change...

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