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Let’s debunk those COVID-19 myths

Emma Ippolito, Reporter | November 19, 2020

Although some COVID-19 myths seem far-fetched and unreasonable, some people can still fall prey to these untruthful statements.  Mika Anderson, a biology teacher and director of the Bioscience Academy...

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The Science Hub: Spitzer Space Telescope, the Yaravirus

Thomas Weldele and Naomi Schmitt | May 1, 2020

Spitzer Space Telescope retired NASA has officially retired the Spitzer Space Telescope. The Spitzer Space Telescope viewed the universe in the infrared spectrum, discovering parts of the universe that...

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The Invisible Anarchist: The Coronavirus, and what you need to know

Zen Li, Writer | March 19, 2020

In Dec. of 2017, the city of Ventura wore face masks to protect themselves from the destruction of the Thomas Fire. Three years later, the world would don masks yet again in response to the Coronavirus...

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The Science Hub: fish in the Congo River, Betelgeuse, new treatment for anxiety

Thomas Weldele, Naomi Schmitt, and Alex Dodos | January 20, 2020

Fish in the Congo Over a decade before research on the river was presented at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union this winter, an unknown species of pale and blind fish were found dead in the...

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The Science Hub: Fall Edition

Thomas Weldele, Andrew Lee, and Naomi Schmitt | November 28, 2019

Leaves changing colors Every year, in the fall, trees change from their normal green to a brilliant display of red, yellow and orange. Though this change may seem magical, the reasoning behind it is simple:...

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The Science Hub: research on death, new dwarf planet, U.S. to leave Paris climate accord

Thomas Weldele, Naomi Schmitt, and Alex Dodos | November 9, 2019

New research on the nature of death They say the brain is the most important organ in your body—according to the brain. The brain has such a big ego, in fact, that it is incapable of acknowledging its...

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