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The Foothill Dragon Press

The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

The Foothill Dragon Press

The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

The Foothill Dragon Press


Our Mission

  • Our mission as an online-only publication is to provide the Foothill community with accurate, responsible, thought-provoking and timely journalism.


  • Since its founding in 2009, the Foothill Dragon Press has been honored nationally and locally for excellence in digital journalism. The National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) has designated the publication All-American status five times and awarded it with an Online Pacemaker five times between 2010-2015. Additionally, they have been Online Pacemaker Finalist 2010-2017 and in 2023. At the Spring 2017 NSPA/JEA conference in Seattle, the Dragon Press was named First Place Best in Show. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association honored the Dragon Press with a Gold Crown Award in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 in addition to a Silver Crown Award in 2022. The Ventura County Star named the Dragon Press the best high school news site in Ventura County from 2011-2015. The Tri-County Journalism Education Association named it the best high school online newspaper in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties every year since 2010.

Correction Policy

  • The Foothill Dragon Press strives to produce high quality unbiased work. If there are any mistakes in articles please alert the Foothill Dragon Press Editor-in-Chiefs by emailing [email protected] to have the article corrected. All altered articles will have an editors note explaining the issues. Articles will not be taken down unless there are extenuating circumstances that harm any of the individuals involved. Please contact adviser with any questions about taking down articles.

Editorial Policy

  • The Foothill Dragon Press is a public forum. Signed letters to the editor are welcomed and will be published as stand-alone pieces as space allows. All submissions from readers are subject to laws governing obscenity, libel, privacy and disruption of the school process. Opinion pieces, including columns, reflect the opinions of individual writers, while unsigned editorials reflect the majority opinion of the 10-member Editorial Review Board, not the school, the school district or any other employee.

Comment Policy

  •  Comments on articles are screened and those determined by editors to be crude, overly mean-spirited or that serve primarily as personal attacks will be deleted. The Editorial Review Board, made up of 11 student editors and a faculty adviser, make decisions on content.

Anonymity Policy

  • Following AP Style Guidebook’s rules, material from anonymous sources will only be used if the information is vital to report, is not available except under conditions of anonymity and the source has direct knowledge of information. Anonymous sources in an article will be accompanied by asterisks or Editor’s Notes that explain particular conditions of anonymity.  
  • An anonymous source’s name will be omitted and replaced with descriptors that establish the source’s credibility. It will be explained here why the source asked for/was granted anonymity.
  • If there are multiple anonymous sources with similar identifying descriptors, we will provide names for the sources. Looking at recent Social Security lists of popular names, we will compile names that do not bear phonetic or visual resemblance to the name of a source or a member of a similar identifying descriptor and randomly assign them to each source.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding the authenticity or accuracy of anonymous material should be brought to our attention immediately.
  • This policy was voted on and established as of August 2018.

Art Credit

  •  Our header was designed by Maya Avelar/The Foothill Dragon Press. Our logo was designed by Joel Mayorga/The Foothill Dragon Press and digitally rendered by alumna Alexia Khodanian and Bella Bobrow / The Foothill Dragon Press.

Equal Opportunity

The VUSD Governing Board is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from discrimination based on race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. The Board shall promote programs which ensure that discriminatory practices are eliminated in all district activities. (BP 0410)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept advertising on this website?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: How can I request coverage of an event that my club or class is doing?

A: You can send us a request easily by going to this contact form. Please try to do this well in advance so we can give your request consideration and schedule staff to cover it.

Q: Why do you sometimes cover music and arts events at Ventura and Buena high schools?

A: Ventura’s a pretty small town. We find there is a lot of interest among Foothill students, alumni and parents in what is happening at these schools because almost every “Dragon” is friends with at least a few “Cougars” and “Bulldogs.” Also since Foothill has no music or choir program, our students go across town to do these activities.

Q: Can I submit an article, photo, video or comic?

A: We welcome all student submissions. Just drop it off in the journalism room (I-107) for consideration by our Editorial Review Board, or email us at [email protected]. We also welcome comments and letters to the editor.

Q: How can I join The Foothill Dragon Press staff?

A: Recruitment begins after the winter holidays during 2nd quarter. Listen for announcements about coming into the journalism room (I-107) to pick up an application. Every prospective staffer is interviewed and the top students are invited to join the class for the following year, with others placed on a wait list.

Q: Can I consistently write, take photos or shoot video for the Dragon Press even if I’m not in the journalism class?

A: Yes! We accept columns and reviews from guest writers who attend Foothill. We also welcome help from guest photographers and videographers. If you are interested in having your articles, photos or videos published on our site, please email us at [email protected] with a sample that shows the type of work you’d like to submit to the press.



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