News Brief: Credit cards now accepted in student store


Anna Lapteva

Foothill’s student store now takes credit cards. Credit: Anna Lapteva / The Foothill Dragon Press

Anna Lapteva, News Editor

In an email sent to Foothill staff on Feb. 8, Melanie “Captain” Lindsey informed the faculty that the student store is “now taking credit cards in the student store.” The accepted cards are American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

The decision to implement the use of credit cards comes as a result of “request after request” from staff, parents and students.

In the email, Lindsey also specified that “if a credit card is used” for a certain payment, “that transaction will be charged 3%.”

Since it is “illegal for the student store to charge a credit card fee,” the 3 percent charge will be extracted from the account that the money is being deposited into; for example, if a donation is made to the Bioscience Academy for 100 dollars, a 3-dollar fee will be taken out of the Bioscience account. Therefore, Lindsey recommends for staff to “[raise] the cost of [their] donation slightly” in order “to cover the cost of the fee.”

Though credit cards are now able to be used, cash and check are still accepted as well.

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