Fashion trends that should stay in 2017


Credit: Jordyn Savard / The Foothill Dragon Press

Sophia Parker

Clear-Plastic Pants:

Clear plastic pants were the most talked about trend this year. Was it because it was something so new and interesting or a ridiculous joke? My thoughts were along the lines of a tad bit tacky. It seems like the more skin shown, the sexier it is. Wrong! Imagine wearing these in warmer weather and creating a nasty hot “fog” everyone can see. No thank you. For all of you thinking this outbreak is changing the future of fashion in a positive way, reconsider your thoughts. Let us leave plastic pants in 2017 and not carry them into the future. Goodbye Saran wrap pants, I hope to never see you.


Underboob was all started by the infamous Kylie Jenner and picked up by many more stars. The trend has hit the night clubs, but that’s the only place it should be. Underboob is where the underneath of the breast is out, flesh and all in its full naked glory. I have seen this trend in a couple ways, including crop tops short enough to see the protruding flesh from under and from cut outs in tight dresses.

Designer Crocs:

Crocs. What can I say? They are not my favorite. Designer crocs? The definition of yuck. These rubber slip-ons need to go to fashion jail and never return. Fashion designers have taken the awkward shoe to a new level by adding on a huge platform and sometimes even jewels. No thank you! In my humble opinion, if you are looking to stay single, by all means…go for it!

Detachable jeans:

Jeans or shorts? Make up your mind! This two-in-one creation is put together by buttons, with the pant legs on you can see a slit that exposes a sliver of skin that awkwardly peeks out. When the pant legs are not connected the sides of the ‘shorts’ reach up to the bottom of the hip…too high for comfort. Not my cup of tea. I think we should all detach from the idea of continuing this ‘trend.’

Furry slides:

Okay. So I really dislike slides in general. But when you add fur, it dramatizes the whole shoe. First of all, slides are supposed to be for athletes after their time of hard work. The fur completely ruins the purpose of the shoe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen ANYONE pull off slides successfully. Furry slides look as if a small kitten was glued onto the shoe. Trendy? Yes. Should it be? No.

Athletic wear with stilettos:

Athletic wear’s main purpose is to make you feel comfortable, athlete or not. Adding heels defeats the purpose. Honestly, I have nothing much more to say because I think this whole idea is irrelevant to the world of fashion. That’s all.

Nude leggings:

I don’t even know where to start. Why? Nude leggings should only be for costumes! Please never wear theses in public because it will confuse people. When I see regular khaki’s I already think the person is naked from a distance, but now that it’s skin tight…not a good combination. At this point, I would say to throw away the nude leggings and just stroll the streets in underwear.

Crazy high platforms:

As I said before about the designer crocs, high platforms are not cute. Rihanna released her “fenty x pumas,” which led to a crazy outbreak in high platforms. Rihanna’s shoe is actually not that bad, but many more shoe companies took it to the next level by increasing the height of the platform. Might as well wear high heels, am I right?



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