Easy and cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift


Quinn Dinkler

Finished product of this last-minute Valentines Day craft.

Carol Sanchez, Writer

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the need for a unique, crafty gift could be an important factor in creating a great day. This is a cute and easily customizable Valentine’s Day craft that is perfect for everyone. It’s not just a simple task to do, but it’s also an affordable, last-minute gift. All that will be needed is candy, clear bags, any other knick-knacks and a small flower pot that can be bought at a hardware store, such as Lowe’s, for about a dollar each.



  1. To start off the craft, choose your desired paint color for the flower pot. We went for different shades of pink and white to stick to the theme of Valentine’s Day, but depending on the occasion, the colors can be easily substituted. Paint the pot until it’s completely coated and none of the original color is showing on the outside. 
  2. After the base color is completely dry, take a smaller paintbrush and write ‘XO’ (or any other phrase) on the ceramic pot. The glitter added to the phrase is optional but adds to the overall look of the craft.
  3. Now that the pots are done, gather the sweets and Valentine’s day objects. Mix the candies in the clear bags and tie it off with some ribbon. Be sure not to add too much candy to the bags so more can still fit inside the pot. 
  4. Place the bag of sweets inside the pot and rearrange in the smaller objects around the circumference of it. 
  5. All done! It is quick and easy and now ready for it to be given out. 
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