The unknown future is nothing to be stressed about


Sam Bova

We face the unknown all the time, in all different facets of life. It’s just human nature, but frankly, we can’t see the future, we can’t see what will come of our actions and we can’t see or understand why things happen. However, we should not be anxious for the unknown future, rather we should eagerly anticipate it.

We have the power to create the future, so we see it piece together little by little. It’s not completely out of our hands. We may not be able to predict the future, but we can mold it in our own design to change it.

You can’t know what’s going to happen next, and that’s what makes life fun. You can look forward to living life by pouncing on opportunities and hoping for the best, by following a rocky path that may lead to true happiness. Our paths are not all straight; in fact hardly any are, but we decide the paths we take.

The decisions we make can’t be changed once they are made, so they should not be stressed about. What happens is what happens. We must face the unknown of our future once more, and rather than assuming the worst, we should be excited for what’s to come. As Gandalf once voiced through the pen of J.R.R. Tolkien, “even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

Simply look forward to what’s coming next. Your future is bright if you see it as bright. The reality is, in life, we can’t worry about the future. Many things we’re doing today do not matter a lick, but other things we do can shape our future. It’s true, continuously dwelling on matters that we can’t alter or fix will never have a positive impact on our lives or the lives of those around us.

If you’re stressed, let go. Reflect. Do something you love. Create your future. If you are in the process of building the future rather than dreading it, the present will become much more bearable.

Life will always go on, through good times and bad. So take a chance at the unknown. Living a life of unhappiness is just foolish. What else matters if you aren’t living what you believe and following what you dream? Don’t let your life become stagnant. Always be in the process of doing something you see yourself doing.

Do something great. Do something memorable. If you feel in your heart that you want something, try what you’ve never tried before to get it.

If you’re afraid something won’t happen, or stressed about how much work you have to do, or fearful of what the future will bring, just let go, and don’t worry about anything else but making that thing happen.

Just spending a single day trying to advance your future instead of trying to see it will make all the difference.

We’re always faced with the unknown. So don’t be afraid of it. Don’t cower before it. Explore it, shape it and live it.


Image Credit: Rachel Chang/The Foothill Dragon Press

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