Ashish Patel: Class is too distracting


Ashish Patel

Greetings everyone! Ashish Patel here with the first edition of College Confidence.

Before I start, I’d like to let everyone know that I am absolutely not typing this during class. That being said, after my first week here, I have found that goofing off in class is ridiculously tempting considering that Wi-Fi is everywhere and nothing is blocked.

I look around as I’m diligently writing notes and not on Facebook, and I have noticed that most people have taken advantage of this fact, the computer to my left is on Reddit, the computer to my right is playing Bioshock. But at the same time, we are all listening. The TA asks a question to the kid playing Bioshock, and he answers it with full understanding of what is going on. Clearly I’m in an environment where multi-tasking is the standard skills of any given student…

Credit: Ashish Patel.

Shown above: multi-tasking

Speaking of class, one of my writing classes is amazing; likely because of the theme! Most regular writing classes talk about the Hero’s journey or 17th century literature. The theme of my writing class is “Gangster Mythology.” That’s right, while everyone else reads “Beowulf” and The Scarlet Letter, I’m watching Scarface and listening to David Banner’s music. I love college…

Every Saturday, or at least every Saturday that isn’t finals week, I’ll be posting highlights of college life as well as any questions that anyone has about anything. Feel free to send anything to [email protected]. Don’t hesitate to ask! I could use your questions as a subject in my next column! Seriously… I need ideas! 

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