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    Best of 2023: Fashion trends

    Chloe Zarrinkelk
    Fashion was constantly changing in 2023, with old trends coming back from the dead along with new takes on old favorites. Combined with old classics and vibrant newcomers, 2023 has set itself up to be one of the most fashionable years in recent memory.

    From fashionable and creative runway styles, to the casual downtown and streetwear styles, 2023 has introduced many new fashion trends to the world. While there are plenty of inspiring trends to list, we’ve saved the best ones that have sparked the most attention on both social media and in the fashion industry. Many fashion enthusiasts have been incorporating their unique personalities into their everyday looks, while building it into their aesthetics as well. In 2023, fashion creators have been taking it to the next level with bold new ideas for how to put together an outfit for any weather or occasion, and still stay true to their style.

    Styles of 2023:

    Food girl styles

    A recent trend of styling yourself after food has sparked on social media, with people dressing up as “vanilla girls,” “strawberry girls” and “blueberry girls.” For example, softness, nostalgia and simplicity are defining characteristics of the “vanilla girl” aesthetic. One of the essential visual components to this aesthetic are gentle pastel colors. The color scheme is dominated by muted tones such as blush pink, lavender, baby blue, mint green and cream. Even more interesting and unique foods are being used to describe a lifestyle, such as “baked bean girl,” or “sardine girl.” Every food variety, from the outdoorsy “onion girl” to the romantic “strawberry girl,” represents a different lifestyle type and fashion preference.

    Put a bow on it: “ballet-core” and “blokette” style

    While you likely haven’t seen leotards and tutus as casual outfits this year, you may have also noticed the resurgence of ballet flats, light pink, rosettes and frills in daily wear. These “ballet-core” staples have added notes of elegance to relatively simple outfits — ballet flats with the beloved jeans-and-shirt pair, rosette flourishes on everyday tank tops. For an unexpected crossover, 2023 was the year of “blokette” style — a portmanteau of British slang “bloke” for young men, and “coquette” denoting traditional feminine flair. Proponents of the new style donned sports jerseys and sneakers with skirts and ribbon bows, making for a fun, sporty and sophisticated combination.

    Footwear of 2023:

    The return of legwarmers and interesting socks

    From sporty street style to more girly outfits, people switched their basic crew socks for lacey, cable-knit and patterned alternatives. Instead of spending more time and money on more expensive clothing, unique socks and legwarmers have become versatile and affordable ways to add individual flair to an outfit. Add sheer lace socks for a romantic touch, or scrunchy tube socks to emulate the eighties sport sneaker look. As for versatility, old sweater sleeves and leggings have been converted into leg warmers, making for creatively cozy wardrobe additions.

    Shoes: Adidas’ “Sambas,” Ugg’s Slippers and Mary Janes

    2023’s shoes have been about color palettes, comfort and convertibility, with the most popular pairs being Adidas’ “Sambas,” Ugg’s “Tasman” slippers and Mary Janes. 

    Color – Adidas “Sambas”: The first of the three received much love for its fun take on the classic soccer shoe with new colorways. Many have found ingenious ways to personalize their pairs by adding shoe charms or switching the default shoelaces with ribbons.

    Comfort – Ugg “Tasman” Slippers: The loafer variation of the classic Ugg boot became an instant cult classic for its comfort — beloved by students for easy campus commutes and perfect to pair with loungewear or pajamas for slow mornings.

    ConvertibilityMary Janes: Many have embraced Mary Janes for an elegant touch to their outfits and as a nod to chic academic style. Whether paired with plain socks, fancier lace alternatives or leg warmers, they are definitely a favorite among many styles, from girly to grunge.

    Pants, shorts and skirts of 2023:

    The return of low-rise jeans

    Low-rise jeans have made a comeback in recent years. Considered a staple of the early 2000s, this look has evolved into a modern, retro-inspired style, which is gaining popularity once again. Recently, content creators have been displaying how they transformed their high-rise skinny jeans into low or mid-rise, baggy or bootcut jeans. This trend has spread to other fashion creators, who also wish to get the “Y2K” look. These jeans can be worn for casual or dressy occasions, depending on the look and accessories. They can be paired with sneakers, high heels, or boots for a versatile yet stylish appearance. Whether you go for a distressed, vintage look or a “clean girl” modern style, low-rise jeans can be a bold fashionable choice for anyone. 

    Maxi skirts and jean skirts

    When you think of jean skirts, you’d typically envision a short, straight-leg light washed denim skirt. However, the trend of long maxi or midi skirts have been a staple style in the average fall-to-winter wardrobe. The maxi skirt is the perfect bottom to add to your collection since it goes with almost anything. The maxi skirt is very versatile and can be worn with shirts, blouses and knitwear for casual looks, while jean skirts can be dressed up or down with sneakers or heels depending on the occasion. These skirts can also be styled for almost any weather. During the hot summer or springtime, a long flowy floral skirt paired with a tank top or tshirt can make for the perfect breathable, but still cute outfit. Or, during the winter or fall, pairing a long jean maxi skirt with boots and a cable knit sweater, will leave you with a perfect cozy fashionable sweater-weather outfit. These versatile skirts are fashionable and comfortable, making them a great choice for any wardrobe.


    Hailing from the summertime style of the eighties, jean shorts, more often referred to as “jorts” are revisiting wardrobes and have become a popular unisex staple. Beloved for their versatility and practicality, they were the perfect year-round clothing item — throw them on with a tank top to brave the summer heat, or layer them with thick socks and crewneck sweaters for an outfit perfect for chillier weather. Between classic summer shorts or longer pants, their medium length made for a more comfortable pair of denim perfect for all seasons.

    From new denim varieties and customizable footwear to maxi skirts and bows, one thing’s for sure: 2023 expanded the fashion horizons to a plethora of new materials and made it more inclusive to anyone trying to find their style or building off of the one they already have. Clothing brands have also caught on to these trends and made them more accessible. But if they ever got too expensive, you can count on content creators to display how to transform your wardrobe into something completely different, and DIY. 

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