Roller skating tips that will enhance your experience


Alivia Baker

Hit the streets in style with these tips on what could be your new go-to mode of transportation-roller skating!

Ryann Liddell, Writer

Quarantine has led people to learn new hobbies with all of the time on their hands. Some people have begun drawing while others have chosen gardening. However, a lot of people have picked up roller skating, as it is fun, safe and a great way to stay active. Roller skating is a great hobby to pick up, however, there are some struggles that come with it. Without the right tips, it can be quite difficult. In order to make it easier for you to pick up this hobby, here are some tips to get you roller skating straight away.

To do a toe stop bring your left dominant foot back while stabilizing your balance on your right. Then lift your back heel up so the stopper is dragging on the ground and slowing you down. (Ryann Liddell)

The first thing you should do is find a good place to skate. For beginners, it’s best to find a level area: the ground should be smooth and have very few obstacles. Streets can be hard to skate on because of how rough the pavement is. You’ll want to find an area like a park where you can skate with ease, make sure that the area is clear of rocks and twigs before you start, as those are a skater’s worst nightmare.

Another important thing to do is make sure that you have the right gear. Obviously, you need a pair of roller skates if you want to roller skate, however, if you are just starting out, you might need more than that. You should have a helmet because even if you aren’t going fast, it’s better to be safe than sorry. From experience, one of the most important things you can get is a pair of wrist guards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my balance and put my hands out to break my fall. I have also found that knee guards are very important as you may slip and skin your knees if you don’t have any protection. Even though I haven’t really used them all that much, it’s good to have elbow guards just in case. You also need to understand that there is a big chance that you will fall if you are a beginner. It’s a fun activity but can also be difficult when learning tricks or when you start to build speed. It’s very important to realize this so you can be prepared for when you do fall. That’s why it’s important to have the right gear.

Now that you know where you want to skate and you have everything you need, it’s time to learn the basics. You move by pushing one foot out and alternating your feet to build momentum. Stopping is one of the most important things that you can learn because it’s a way better solution than crashing. One of the ways you can stop is by just lifting one of your heels and dragging the toe. This is called a toe stop and it requires you to have lots of balance on the foot that you’re not dragging behind you. However, I have found it to be the easiest and quickest way to stop. Don’t be afraid to watch some videos to help you out. When I wanted to learn how to go backwards, I was really struggling until I watched a video on how to do it. Videos can truly explain topics and help you understand that one thing you’ve been missing.

Here is some of the gear that will make your first time skating easier. (Ryann Liddell)

Roller skating, while fun, can be a difficult activity. However, when you know where to skate, what gear to have and how to do the basic moves, you will have an easier time learning how to skate.


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