Recap: Foothill girls’ golf goes out with a bang in their last game of their undefeated season

Katie Denger

The Foothill girls’ golf team went the entire season without defeat for the second year in a row, proving their success. The 3 year-old program had a strong season, ending with a win against Nordoff High School with a score of 200-315.

A prominent factor of the team’s success throughout the season is the camaraderie and friendship that the team experiences. According to Paris White ‘19, the team is “more like sisters than teammates.”



For Phoebe Gaston ‘20, the team “had fun and really just enjoyed” their experiences together throughout the season. Although she is sad that the season has come to an end, she is looking forward to “all the new players coming […] to try out” next season.

Gaston thinks that the sport is “just fun to be apart of” and that she “definitely improved this season.” She is “really excited” to see how much more she advances in both her mental and physical game during her remaining years at Foothill.

White felt that the Thursday night match was “a very emotional game” and was really sad to see Ky Zickafoose ‘18 participate in her last match as a Foothill golfer.



White was also emotional because she scored a 38, which is her best round yet. She said that “when [she] actually added it up [she] looked at [her] score, [her] hands were shaking.” Coach Janey Dunn mentioned that White stood out and that her score was “really great.” She also commended Hannah Hart ‘20 and Sammy Fenton ‘20 for playing “very well throughout the season.”

Dunn believes that the team had a solid season and she is already looking forward to next season. She is ready for the chance to move to a higher league and play some “more competitive matches.” According to Dunn, there are only four teams in next year’s new bracket so she looks forward to “some extra league play [and] tournaments [as well as] playing some different teams.”

The team will be continuing on to CIF on Oct. 30, 2017 at Los Robles Golf Course.

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