Wrap-Up: Boys’ volleyball defeats Nordhoff 3-1

Wrap-Up: Boys’ volleyball defeats Nordhoff 3-1

Kathryn Brandi

The Foothill boys’ varsity volleyball team defeated Nordhoff High School on Tuesday night at an away game. The Dragons won 3-1 with individual set score of 25-22, 25-15, 20-25, and 25-19.

Sophomore Kyle Cobian had 54 assists, sophomore Jerod Frederick had 18 kills, sophomore Chad Talaugon had 16 kills, junior Ian Overton had 23 digs, and sophomore Tommy Hurley had 3 aces.

Coach Janine Cobian was “very proud” and felt the team did a “good job at pushing through a tough game,” despite dealing with injuries and illnesses.

However, she felt the team got “out of system” and needs focus on “staying healthy.”

“We are going to clean up our game a little [bit],” Cobian said. “We had some periods where we were out of system and we shouldn’t have too much of that happening at this point in season. We are going to focus on playing strong and staying healthy.”

Kyle Cobian thought the team struggled with communication and maintaining “passion” throughout the game.

“We definitely could of had more team spirit and overall passion, not to mention our lack of defense,” Kyle Cobian said.

However, he felt the team’s consistency with hitting has gotten “a lot better” and their ability to serve the ball helped them “get out of some tight spots.”

Kyle Cobian believes that the team has improved since the beginning of the season and is continuing to work towards their goal of being eligible to compete in CIF. He is “proud” of the improvement the team and each individual has made this season.

“Overall I’m just really proud of how far our team has come especially the guys who have moved up to varsity and our one freshman who has improved immensely and is playing great,” he said.

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