Technology at Foothill has become an overkill


Too often, time in class is being spent on trying to work iPads and searching the internet. Credit: Lucy Knowles/The Foothill Dragon Press

Riley Knouse

Too often, time in class is being spent on trying to work iPads and searching the internet. Credit: Michael Morales/The Foothill Dragon Press
Too often, time in class is being spent on trying to work iPads and searching the internet. Credit: Lucy Knowles/The Foothill Dragon Press

We are not Foothill High School, but Foothill Technology High School, and as our name suggests, technology is an important component of our school.

At what point are we overdoing technology? In most classes there is a set of iPad minis for the students to use, a regular-sized iPad for the teachers, and in the center of each building of classrooms is a pod, or computer lab.

As a freshman at Foothill, you are required to take an Education in the Digital Age class, and as a student of FTHS, Edmodo is essential, because of all of the quizzes and homework assigned there by teachers. The question “What’s the wi-fi code?” comes up frequently and it is not uncommon for a teacher to say “And if you pull out your smartphones…”

Each year, parents are asked to donate $100 to the technology fund.

When is it necessary for us to draw the line? Especially when Foothill’s funds are becoming lower and lower.

Yes, the technology fund is for technology, and just technology, but if we can’t even get excited enough to fundraise and keep activities from being cut, why would we want to pay for the technology that we already have?

We do not need more iPads, we do not need to update the ones we have for a long time, and we have plenty of computers. Right now, there is no reason that we need to keep asking for more money for our technology.

Technology at school quickly went from new and exciting to an overkill and a hassle. A sizable portion of class time is wasted on figuring out how to work the iPads, waiting for the computers to load, or wondering why the wi-fi code isn’t working.

It may be effective in bettering our education, but only when we know how to use it, making it counterproductive to constantly update and change our technology before we even know how to use it.

I know we are a technology school, and technology should be incorporated into our curriculum. I know that in a lot of cases, it can be beyond helpful. For example, if you were sick or out of school for whatever reason one day, you can ask your classmates what you missed, or if you have a question on your homework, you can ask your teacher or classmate via Edmodo that night.

However, too much is too much, and the new Common Core tests are just adding on to the already overload of technology. With our state tests now being computerized, there will be a new level of cheating, and you better hope that your computer does not freeze or have problems in the middle of your test.

We need to be able to distinguish the difference between enough technology for a technology high school and too much technology, though that line can be thin.

Technology used in the classroom can be helpful, and level the playing field for students with tablets or smart phones and students who do not have either, but it can also be distracting. We should use moderation, and not as much technology as we can at once.

In this day and age, technology is essential in everyday life, which is why we are often told that we need to ‘unplug,’ put the iPhone down, walk away from the computer, and get some fresh air. However, at the same time we are not able to step away from our computers or smart phones because we need to be on them almost all the time for school.

We need to find a balance and tone down the technology.

What do you think?