Passion for music pursued by many at Foothill

Juniors Justin Alvarado and Tara Yanez both share love of music

Ana Bello

Juniors Justin Alvarado and Tara Yanez both share love of music
Juniors Justin Alvarado and Tara Yanez both share love of music

Whether it’s playing the violin, being in marching band, or screaming in a heavy metal group, music is a passion for many students at Foothill.

Junior Tara Yanez pursues her love for music by playing the piano, dabbling in guitar and even writing some of her own music. She said she most enjoys acoustic and indie genres of music.

“[They] have raw emotions and some sense of substance,” Yanez said.  

Junior Cassandra McCambridge was introduced to music by her parents.

“My mom forced me, but I’m proud that she did. My mom’s mom forced her to continue learning also,” McCambridge said.

McCambridge believes that learning to play an instrument is a skill everyone should acquire.

“You should at least learn how to play a basic instrument. It really does help,” she said.

Junior Andrew Marostica said he likes the emotions behind alternative music.

“Rock and roll, it is just a different, more edgy feel,” Marostica said.

Marostica practices the vocal art of screaming in a heavy metal band.  

“Asking Alexandria [is the] first hardcore band I got into. It’s way better than rap and hip hop. Heavy metal is all feelings,” he said.

Sophomore Copper Powell has similar taste and has been playing guitar for a year.

“Metal is freaking awesome,” Powell said. “My least favorites would be between dub step, rap, and pop. They get annoying fast; it takes no talent.”

Sophomore Spencer Nichols, on the other hand, enjoys rap music.

“Rap is a way to express yourself with clever rhymes. People hate on rap because they don’t listen to the message in the song. It is also an outlet for everything going wrong in your life,” Nichols said.

For senior Anthony Khodanian, no genre is necessarily better than another.   

“I like all music,” Khodanian said. “If you took the lyrics out of most songs what you get is a beautiful piece, even if you look at a rap beat. It is still amazing. Don’t prejudice over various genres.”

Khodanian’s involvement with music stemmed from curiosity.

“I’ve been playing piano since I was six. My cousin had a grand piano I wanted to know how it worked,” he said.

Junior Justin Alvarado sings and plays the guiter.  He hopes to attend a music institute where he can begin his future career in the industry. He said his family influenced his current music taste, especially his mother with music from the 80s and his dad with rock.

Alternative music is the genre he is most enjoys because “it takes a lot of groups together.”

“Rap is my least favorite,” he said. “It’s the same beat and [has] stupid lyrics. Real music is not accredited enough. Today’s pop is just pushed out by companies.”

As a Buena High School band member, senior Alex Tompkins has experienced more classical training and performs through different modes of instruments than what would be common among today’s rappers. 

“My father was a music teacher so he showed me the trumpet and I immediately was able to play an open G. My favorite genre to listen to is hard rock and to play is Baroque,” Tompkins said.

Tompkins also thinks that musicians are not accredited enough for their dedication.

“Playing an instrument is way undervalued compared to sports and other activities,” he said.

Whether it is appreciated enough or not, music is a passion and favorite hobby of many at Foothill.  

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