Student of the Week: Amelia Gomez


Bethany Eckstrom

Amelia's friends describe her as "humorous and witty". Credit: Bethany Fankhauser/The Foothill Dragon Press
Amelia’s friends describe her as “humorous and witty”.Credit: Bethany Fankhauser/The Foothill Dragon Press

Junior Amelia Gomez has been described by many of her friends as humorous and witty.

“I do like to make people laugh,” Gomez said. “It’s one of my main focuses when I meet somebody new and try to make friends. A smile on their face is what gives me validation, [it] helps me to be a better person.”

Junior Lee Baker remembers that the first thing he noticed was Gomez’s humor.

“I think the reason we get along so well is because we have the same sense of humor,” Baker said. “There aren’t many times that I’m not laughing like a little girl around her.”

Gomez extends her open personality to the community by volunteering with Teen Voice and Relay for Life, two local community service organizations. Teen Voice is a program for Ventura’s youth to volunteer and participate in reaching out to the community through activities like helping the homeless or hosting beach clean-ups. Relay for Life organizes events to remember the victims of cancer and to promote finding a cure.

“Amelia has a great sense of humor and enthusiasm that radiates whenever we work on projects,” Gomez’s Teen Voice advisor Julia Culbertson said. “She helps to keep others on task and is very driven to complete all assignments given to her.”

Gomez has many hobbies, including writing, acting, film, making bracelets, and quoting the movie “Mean Girls”.

“She expresses herself very well, whether it’s through her clever words in her writing pieces or through the electric blue streaks in her hair,” junior Lauren Cacatian said.

She also has a passion for photography and hopes to pursue a career that will allow her to use this talent. Although not currently enrolled in a photography class, she took Digital Photography as a sophomore and will be in Advanced Photography next year.

“Amelia was an involved student while enrolled in photography.  She often came in during FIRE and lunch either to edit her photos or to shoot new images using the photo studio,” photography teacher Cameron Crouch said. “She worked hard on creating well composed images, particularly a series of fashion images at the end of the year that showed a strong understanding of lighting and composition.”

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