Pizza Rev: A revolutionary way to eat pizza



Julia Fickenscher

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to get delicious, custom-made pizza, then look no further. Pizza Rev in Camarillo (and other various locations) is starting a rev-olution with a Chipotle-style pizzeria. Choose your dough, sauce, cheese and other toppings, and in just three short minutes inside a 900 degree oven, you will have your perfect personal pizza. They also have a selection of salads and desserts, and a Kids Menu.

The moment you walk into Pizza Rev you are greeted by friendly service. The workers ask you if you have been there before and offer to take you through the pizza-making process. They make sure your pizza is made just how you want, and are more than happy to meet any of your needs.



Pizza Rev is great for families, and even has a special (and affordable) family deal. They have both outdoor and indoor seating, as well as a “dine-in or take-out” option. It is obvious by the filled room and long (but quickly moving) line that Pizza Rev is a popular place.

You can either order pizzas off their menu or create your own. With gluten-free and vegan options, Pizza Rev is sure to please anyone who is hungry.

I ordered two pizzas off of their menu: the Classic and the BBQ Chicken. The classic consists of the normal dough, classic sauce, Italian cheese and pepperoni, and the BBQ chicken has normal dough, BBQ sauce, Italian cheese, grilled chicken and red onions.

The food was not only brought to me quickly, but was just as delicious (if not even better) than a normal pizza. The gooey cheese mixed with red sauce and pepperoni is a combination that can’t be beat, especially from Pizza Rev. The BBQ Chicken pizza was also amazing; the sauce mixed with the chicken perfectly. Their crust is very thin due to the quick cooking time, but it is crispy and crunchy, so depending on your crust preference, you may really like it.  

The oreo dessert pizza is made of
The oreo dessert pizza is very unique and worth a try. Credit: Julia Fickenscher/The Foothill Dragon Press

Pizza Rev also has a special Oreo Dessert Pizza that I knew I had to try. It consists of pizza dough, butter, cinnamon, frosting, powdered sugar, caramel and lots of Oreo cookie crumbles.  

This dessert is certainly unique and guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever tasted before. The cinnamon and dough combined almost tastes like a churro, but when you mix the caramel and Oreos on top, it provides a very interesting flavor.  It leaves you feeling a little uncertain about whether you love it or hate it, but is also extremely addicting. Overall, it is definitely worth a try.

Pizza Rev not only takes a new spin on classic pizza-making, but provides you with personal sized pizzas that are very delicious and fairly reasonably priced. Each pizza is about $8.25. From their pre-created pizzas to creating your own, you really can’t go wrong. So the next time you want quick, custom-made pizza, head down to Pizza Rev and take part in the tastiest revolution there’s ever been.

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