Follow your own dreams for success

Brian Yuss

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People should start fulfilling their dreams in life rather than fulfilling others' dreams. Credit: Claire Stockdill/The Foothill Dragon Press

People should start fulfilling their dreams in life rather than fulfilling others’ dreams. Credit: Claire Stockdill/The Foothill Dragon Press

In many conversations that I overhear, students are talking about the fact that they are successful in school. Usually it’s about how they got an “A” on an assignment or how many competitive sports they are involved in. Another field that people have determined their success by is their popularity.

While good grades, participation in sports, or even popularity may seem to bring major success in some people’s lives, I believe success should be measured by something much deeper than that. I think that success is fulfilling your dreams and not the dreams of others.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Insist on yourself. Never imitate.”

In my life, I translate this to mean that you authenticate yourself and you choose to determine what is a success or failure in your own life. 

For me, success is more than living in a great mansion or owning a fancy sports car. It’s about helping myself and other people succeed. It’s important for people to remember that even when terrible events occur, a person needs to stay strong and keep living life to the fullest. Success is staying on the bright side and looking at the cup half full rather than half empty.

Today at volleyball, my team won all four games. Yes, we were successful at winning but so was the other team because everyone worked together, utilized good sportsmanship, and treated each other with respect.

I have defined my own success by doing my best in school even if I don’t always get a perfect grade on everything, by spending quality time with my family and my close circle of friends, and the time I donate doing community service at various organizations that I am involved with.

A person can only create their own success, and I believe everyone has the potential to succeed if they redefine the definition of what success is really about instead of focusing on what other people define it as. 

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