Kindness is Love in Action: Remembering Erica


Olivia Zoll

The eye-catching colors of the monarch butterfly on the D108 wall reminds students of Erica Conchas’ unwavering kindness.

Olivia Zoll, Writer

“Erica meant everything that is right in this world,” they said, “she inspired others to be a better person and to look at things in the most positive way,¨ remarked Erica Conchas’ sister Christina and mother Lupe.

Erica, a Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) alumni, passed away on July 30, 2021, due to a rare and aggressive cancer. Now, almost a year later, her legacy and kindness still live on in the halls of Foothill Tech. 

Erica created a “kindness court” in her senior year, in order to have a court despite the lack of certain dances such as homecoming.  Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor Melanie “Captain” Lindsey described this court as “a way to honor those students who make the school a safe, welcoming place by being kind to their peers and the staffulty.” Those who were chosen embodied her core value: kindness. 

This week, a beautiful, vibrant butterfly mural was added to the walls of D108 by Foothill Tech art teacher Justin Frazier. The idea was created and brought to life by Captain, who wanted others to remember Erica’s legacy of kindness. This mural took Frazier, and some helping hands, a few days to complete.

Foothill Tech ASB represents key tenets of kindness and transformation, which is why the mural was created on the walls of the ASB building. Captain hopes that it is the first of many murals that represent the diverse subjects, cultures and humans that we have here at Foothill Tech.

When you see this mural on campus and its accompanying quote, “kindness is love in action,” remember how powerful kindness is and the impact Erica has left on our community.

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