Foothill Technology’s digital Back To School Night provides an optimistic outlook for both parents, teachers, students


Foothill Tech parents excitedly watch the beginning of Back To School Night. Credit: Julie Fortunati, used with permission.

Isabella Fortunati, Reporter

On Sept. 24, 2020, Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) educators opened their Zoom meeting screens to parents for Foothill Tech’s annual Back To School Night.

Back to School Night opened with a live webinar from Principal Russel Gibbs where he welcomed Foothill Tech families back to school. Gibbs dived into upcoming events and plans for the future. 

Following the introduction, Foothill Tech’s Associative Student Body (ASB) president, Elizabeth Ferris ’21, Ventura Unified School District’s (Ventura Unified) Superintendent Dr. Roger Rice, Ventura Unified Career and Technical Education Director Greg Bayless and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) President Valerie Zeko all shared their goals and excitement for the school year.

They mentioned the importance of social-emotional learning classes and how the Wednesday session gives Foothill Tech students a chance to decompress. They also expressed the importance of students showing their screen in class meetings to help teachers build a connection.

Leah Murphy, a parent of a senior attending Foothill Tech, was very excited about Back To School Night and stressed how important it is, especially during these times.

“I think Back To School Night is important because it gives insight to what goes on in the classroom and even more important this year because there’s little interaction with the students,” states Murphy.

After the main meeting parents were able to go into the teacher’s personal zooms from 7-8 p.m. The parents and the teachers were able to connect electronically for questions, answers and just to say hello.

Claire Adams, a teacher at Foothill Tech, says the teacher Zoom meeting went well for her and she was excited to connect the bridge between teachers and parents.

“The parents were really supportive and it was great to meet them! During this difficult time it is great to know the communication channels are open between home and school,” describes Adams.

“I really miss teaching in person, I know this is really difficult for everyone and I appreciate the students and their efforts so much,” Adams adds showing that even though this year is different, everything will be handled.

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