Foothill’s February blood drive collects units of blood in numbers not seen since 2006


Mason King

United Blood Services bus, where students donated blood.

Mason King, News Writer

Foothill’s most recent blood drive, run by the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) and the Bioscience Leadership Team, has collected a total of 61 units of blood—a number not seen since 2006.

Vitalant, the company that collects the blood, provides it to local hospitals, such as Community Memorial Hospital and Ventura County Medical Centers.

“Every pint of blood saves [three] lives,” says Bioscience Academy Coordinator Mika Anderson. “When you think about the broader picture, we’ve all been to the hospital.”

The ability to make a difference almost immediately in someone’s life is something that Anderson believes is an “important way to give back to our local community in a medical sense.”

According to Anderson, donation is even more important because blood is unique in the sense that it cannot be synthesized in a lab; the only place to produce blood is the human body, which means it’s in constant demand.

“There’s always a need for blood,” she said. “Someone always needs it, and there always seems to be a shortage.”

While this year’s blood drive was successful, Anderson would like to see even more growth and wants to branch out by giving parents and any other interested community members an opportunity to come and donate with students in the future.

“If we can collect 61 units of blood with just our students, and then we allowed parents to donate, I think we can get even more blood and be even more helpful,” she expressed.

Editor’s Note: At 5:39 p.m. on Feb. 19, a correction was made to say that every pint of blood saves three lives, instead of two.

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