Rising NBA star Seth Curry hosts Ventura camp


Nick Zoll

The Ventura College basketball gym was filled with eagerness and enthusiasm on Saturday, July 30, as children of all ages partook in a one-day basketball camp hosted by NBA player Seth Curry. The campers spent their day participating in numerous basketball-related activities, such as drills focusing on dribbling and passing. All the while, Curry and special instructor Johnny “Dribble2Much” Stephen lent helping hands to the kids. They served as basketball mentors for just a few hours, but Curry believes that the camp “absolutely” had a positive impact on the campers’ lives.

However, the event was not entirely focused on fundamentals. “Obviously, how to have fun, that’s the most important thing… [we] make sure the kids enjoy themselves,” Curry said. He emphasized the importance of “working together with teammates” as well as having a great time.

For Curry, the “biggest thing” was “bringing a different feel to the city” because he felt that many kids “wouldn’t have the opportunity to come to a camp… in this small of a town.” He chose to host his first ever basketball camp in the city of Ventura due to his connections with various people in the community. “I wanted to bring this [camp] here for their kids,” Curry said.



When asked about the chance to influence the lives of the next generation, Curry immediately recalled memories from his childhood. “I was a kid like this not too long ago.… [I was] coming to camps like this all the time, and that really influenced my life and my basketball career, I know the exact position that they are in…. how much fun it is to come to a camp like this,” Curry said.

Curry wasn’t the only one that was thrilled by the camp’s results. Foothill sophomore Jagger Dadigan attended Saturday’s camp and had nothing but praise. “[The camp] was definitely worth every penny and I really learned a lot and had a great time,” Dadigan said.

Curry’s next step on his personal journey to stardom is a deal with the Dallas Mavericks that he signed this offseason worth $6 million. He is about to endeavor on his fourth NBA season, where many Ventura residents will likely be rooting for him this upcoming year.

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