Riley Schneider exemplifies hard work and grit


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Riley Schneider ’22 signs to be a part of the Division 1 Girls’ Soccer team at the University of Northern Colorado.

Nisha Reddy, Reporter

Riley Schneider ‘22 made an impactful difference in the Foothill Technology (Foothill Tech) girls soccer team through her past years of playing, building her way up from the bottom to being able to play Division One soccer in college. Using her excellent skill and her hard work ethic, she expanded her chances of success in her top sport interest: soccer.

Schneider has been playing soccer since she was four years old. She started playing on American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), then transferred over to Eagles Soccer Club (Eagles) in fourth grade where she has been ever since. Finding interest in running cross country and playing basketball in middle school, her passion for soccer didn’t form until later on. When high school came, she had to choose a main sport, deciding on soccer as her main focus.

Schneider has been through some exciting experiences during her high school career. In her sophomore year at Foothill Tech, the team got to the third round of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) with hard work and determination. When asked what it feels like to be leaving Foothill Tech, she says, “I’m definitely sad, Foothill soccer has brought a lot of memories.” 

Playing an extra five hours per week outside of school and club practice shows her grit and determination for the soccer player that she wanted to become. The Foothill Tech girls’ soccer coach, Patty Gomez, thinks back to Schneider’s work, saying, “Riley is the type of player any coach is lucky to have, her work ethic is unmatched and does the extra work off the field whether it’s recovery sessions or extra practice, she’s always trying to get better.”

Getting better didn’t just happen on her own. Schneider explained that she’s been surrounded by amazing players throughout her soccer career.

Kimberly Fickerson

Schneider’s club soccer team, Eagles, is frequently scouted by colleges. Since her freshman year of playing, scouts have been watching many of her team’s games. When first being watched by a scout, she could feel nerves building up. Although after a while, knowing that important college scouts were watching became normal, and so she could always play like her normal self.

Coach Gomez reflected on her natural talents in soccer, saying, “not only does she have the skills, but she has the soccer IQ and vision to make things happen on the field. She’s a team player and is always willing to play any position to help her team succeed.”

Schneider started getting offers during sophomore year. Some offers occurred over email, and some colleges arranged personal visits. “I had a couple official visits where they paid for me to fly out to them and then they paid for the hotel and the food which was super cool,” she remarked.

Getting offers in junior year from different colleges was a big deal for Schneider. It was comforting for her to know that whichever college she chose, her family and close friends would be supportive either way. 

Coach Gomez knew of her skill the first second she walked onto the field, “since the day I met Riley, she was a hard worker on and off the field and I knew she had it in her to play Division one soccer, so I was ecstatic for her when the news came out.”

Schneider acknowledged that college would likely be her last run in playing soccer, so she has goals to play as a freshman if she can, and she especially wants to have fun and enjoy the team environment. Coach Gomez is excited but sad to think of Schneider leaving, saying, “she has definitely left her mark on the program and is such a dynamic player that’s not only skilled but is just an all-around great person and teammate.”

With offered scholarships and being recognized for her pure skill and hard work in soccer, Schneider reflects on the excitement of playing in college.


Riley Schneider will be continuing her soccer career at the University of Northern Colorado where she will be playing Division one soccer.


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