Ventura athelete: Taylor Freeman juggles sports, service

Ventura athelete: Taylor Freeman juggles sports, service

Inga Dahlstedt

It seems as if  Taylor Freeman does it all.
Our ASB president juggles AP classes, community service, college applications, work, friends, family, and on top of all that not just one sport, but two. How she does it is a mystery to me, but gladly she put aside some time to join me for an interview on her hectic but productive life and how sports plays an important part.

Inga Dahlstedt: What sports are you involved in?
Taylor Freeman:  Currently I’m in golf. I’ll start softball second semester.

ID: How long have you been playing these sports?
TF: Softball for two years, and golf for three months.

ID: Which one is your favorite?
TF: Softball.

ID: Why?
TF: Well, I haven’t been playing golf long enough, and in softball there is more action and I like to hit things.

ID: What position do you play in softball?
TF: Center field, because I’m the fastest runner on the team.

ID: You also played soccer for Ventura, but recently quit, why?
TF: There was some disagreements between teammates, and I discovered it wasn’t really my passion.

ID: So would you consider softball a passion of yours?
TF: Yes, I would.

ID: How hard is it for you to juggle sports, friends, ASB etc.
TF: It’s pretty tough. I sometimes have to sacrifice practices for ASB and I feel as though I don’t seem dedicated. Even though being ASB president is far more important to me. But I pretty much save my friends for weekends, and schoolwork somehow gets done.

ID: How has being in ASB helped you in sports?
TF: Well, obviously ASB has helped me with my leadership skills, and that plays into sports with me being team captain for three years now.

ID: Any funny stories?
TF: Well, in golf you meet some funky characters, and a pretty funny story for softball would be during warm ups I ran into the fence at San Marcos and knocked it over. I also got a black eye during practice when a ground ball took a bad bounce and nailed me in the eye.

ID: How about any bad moments?
TF: My worst moment would have to be sophomore season of softball, my first season ever. We were playing Buena, it was the last inning, 2 outs with the bases loaded and we were down by four. A grand slam home run would’ve tied the game and forced extra innings. I was up to bat…and I struck out. It was tough.

ID: Do you want to play any of these sports in college?
TF: Yes, I’ve actually been asked to play softball for a school out in the Midwest, but I’m not going too.

ID: What made you want to play golf?
TF: It seems to be more of an adult sport, like it plays out in real life. For example you can have a business meeting over golf.

ID: Biggest goal for sports this year?
TF: My golf score to be in the forties, and to have the highest batting average on the team in softball.
What do you think?