Luke Ballmer: The NRA is just plain horrible


Luke Ballmer

There is no gun lobby as powerful as the NRA. Not by a long shot.

Your mind, by this point, is likely made up on issues of gun control. You are either a sane, logical, informed, and caring human being or you think the NRA is on to something.

I’m not going to try and point out the logical and factual flaws in the NRA’s argument, I just want to simply point out how horrible they are, fatal ignorance aside. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre is the most public of the gun lobby’s leaders, and he’s a very horrible person. 

The Huffington Post’s “Gun Guy” explains the motivations for LaPierre’s horridly brain-dead exploitation of tragedies, among many other sickeningly ignorant statements.

The NRA makes gun companies lots of money and coincidentally satiates looney’s desires to feel as though the government is constantly trying to strip away every last (non) right they have.

From there, every callous, selfish, destructive, vomit-inducing statement of the NRA’s makes complete sense. LaPierre is getting paid to lie, manipulate, and feed the paranoid stupidity of American citizens.

Their president is absolutely no better. Jim Porter, recently promoted president of the hateful organization, is exactly the kind of uninformed, insular, brainwashed, and vile human being that the NRA attracts and needs to keep it the powerful lachey for gun companies.

Gun control still saves lives, and I’ll always hate the NRA for fighting that, but even those who may have some semblance of logical opposition to it should realize the NRA is just making them look a heck of a lot more like insane jerks. 

What do you think?