Abortion: Murdering the morals of the American public


Zach Plahn

Planned Parenthood conducts a total of 300,000 abortions every year. Credit: Claire Stockdill/ The Foothill Dragon Press
Planned Parenthood conducts a total of 300,000 abortions every year. Credit: Claire Stockdill/ The Foothill Dragon Press

Abortion is morally disgusting. Abortion is homicide.

What if I told you a woman passed away due to a car crash? Now, what if I told you a woman who was two weeks pregnant was killed in a car crash? There is a level of sympathy for the second woman that isn’t there for the first, is there not? What I mean by that is there is a greater heartfelt emotion that is felt towards the second woman, because she was two weeks pregnant. It wouldn’t matter if I told you she was 9 months pregnant, and it wouldn’t matter if I told you she had found out yesterday. You should, at least I pray, feel a greater sorrow for the pregnant woman.

Why do you care that this pregnant woman was killed? What makes her death so much more painful than the woman who was not pregnant? It was the fact that the woman was with child.

In today’s society, women have the right to abort babies that are not yet born, that are still in their mother’s womb. That word “abort”: it’s an ironic word. It means to stop at a premature stage. It means to stop at a rudimentary place in time. Essentially, it means to quit. It means giving up. In today’s society, women have the right to quit on their babies.

I’m a male. I don’t get pregnant. I have no conceivable idea what being pregnant is like, what stress comes with that, or what child birth is like, or what having to raise a child by myself is like. I have no idea what women go through in order to give birth.

But here is one thing I do understand: if a woman is pregnant, she is morally responsible for that child, because she has taken part in conceiving it, and is sustaining its life. It doesn’t matter if that kid was a “mistake.” It doesn’t matter if the kid was an “accident.” The woman has conceived and is sustaining life for a human. I’m not arguing the fact that life begins at conception. It does. All this debate on whether or not embryos are technically life is absurd. The argument that a baby is not technically alive during its premature stages is absurd, and inhuman. Once a baby is conceived, that is life. There is a human developing in the womb.

Our government supports abortion. By funding the organization Planned Parenthood, our government, our nation, we, are nationally supporting abortion. Planned Parenthood does offer many other medical procedures, and purposes that have nothing to do with abortion, however, it is still an abortion-provider. 35 percent of its government funded 350 million dollar budget is spent on abortion, and since 2009, Planned Parenthood has conducted over 300,000 abortions every year. That is 300,000 babies that could have been born.

There are cases like rape that make abortion is acceptable in the eyes of society, but that doesn’t make it right. It may be allowed, due to such horrific and terrifying circumstances, but that woman, who chooses abortion is still killing a child, no matter what stage of gestation it’s in, and no matter how it was conceived.

If I told you that the pregnant woman died in the car crash right after she found out she was pregnant, does the baby die with her? It astounds, it shocks, and it sends earth shattering chills through my body to know that there are people who would make the choice to kill their children, so that they themselves can have an easier life, or because it was their choice. In fact, most women who do take this choice often end up with nightmares, and unbearable guilt.

Yes, abortion is killing. It takes the life out of a child, does it not? In its most literal sense, the concept of abortion doesn’t allow the child to live. This makes me fear for us, our country, and our humanity. I would have called abortion murder, but murder is the act of killing without the consent of the law of the United States. Women today are permitted by the United States to purposefully kill their babies, just as long as they haven’t exited the womb, because in the eyes of modern society, that’s ok.

This matter doesn’t pertain to science or religion. It pertains to us. It shows what we stand for as a nation, as a culture, as a people. Abortion, which is the killing of an innocent child, is disgusting, it’s wrong, and it scares me to know that as a nation, we financially support it.

What do you think?