60 Seconds Article 3/16/12

Otto Tielemans

As if the country wasn’t consumed by enough corruption, Chinese legislators have approved alterations to the country’s criminal code. The already abusive police force has been awarded the power to hold suspects in undisclosed locations for up to six weeks if they are suspected of being a threat to the nation’s security.

Regardless of the country’s claim that this is a “step forward for the rights of the defendants,” it is obvious that the Chinese government is just doing this so it can have a stronger grasp over its people. The communist regime is doing its best to scare the public so that they will not upset the balance of power.

The true winners of this change in law are the greedy politicians, not the public. With a country as big as China, political bosses take over the country’s various provinces. With the control of these provinces comes the control of the police force, which means that political bosses now have the ability to hold their enemies for as long as six weeks.

The country is already infamous for using “black prisons,” secret locations in which police officers take protestors and torture them. Some of the people tortured are even thrown into mental facilities and refused leave.

Hopefully the Chinese public will wake up and smell the green tea. This law is a violation of all that is morally right and only succeeds in further oppressing the Chinese people. 

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