“Born to Die” leaves Lana Del Rey in disarray

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“Born to Die” leaves Lana Del Rey in disarray

Emily Chacon

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Youtube star Lana Del Rey released her first album, Born to Die, Jan. 27. Credit: Interscope Records.

Youtube star Lana Del Rey released her first album, Born to Die, Jan. 27. Credit: Interscope Records.

It was only a a couple of weeks ago that an appearance on Saturday Night Live left any potential fans of Lana Del Rey questioning her vocal ability. So, it was no surprise that when her debut album, “Born to Die,” reached stores I wasn’t fully impressed.

“Born to Die”shows that Del Rey’s vocal range is completely limited, with only a few different tones to hear from, ultimately becoming dull and flat.  

When thoroughly listening to the album, I had a hard time trying to decipher the difference between each song. It sounded as if the same tune was played over and over again thirteen times.

It’s disappointing to see that happen since her voice actually sounds like it has potential, she just displays it with a lack of emotion that makes most of the songs feel dragged and a bit contrived. However, there were the few exceptions on the album where she showcased her capabilities.

The song “Million Dollar Man” showed a softer side of Del Rey. The fact that she didn’t seem to try to overwork her voice to the point where there was strain seemed to work well for her. It gives the listeners a nice break from the regular nonsense.

“Diet Mountain Dew” is another one that showed potential. Del Rey’s distinctive voice is nicely accompanied with the instrumentals.

Del Rey gained notice when a homemade video of the song “Video Games”was uploaded to YouTube last year, and gained millions of hits. Despite its popularity, I can’t get myself to appreciate the song at all. The track comes off slow and her voice doesn’t seem to change throughout the recording. The only reason I listened to the whole song was because it seems to hint to an upbeat tempo later on, but you will be disappointed to find that that is not the case.

The song “National Anthem” never quite syncs up correctly between the mechanized beat and what seems to be orchestra sounds, leaving the track in an awkward, disorganized state.

And finally, the title track, “Born to Die” feels a bit forced at most times and monotonous.    

“Born to Die” is basically composed of sleep-inducing tracks with only a few notable standouts, other than which I wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone.

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