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Everything I Own: Ventura’s student performing indie band

Ruby Jenkins
Everything I Own is an indie band based in Ventura, Calif. Consisting of four students from different high schools around town, Everything I Own produces a unique sound that is great for anyone looking in search of a new band to check out.

When one typically thinks of Ventura, Calif., they often picture surfing, sunshine and the occasional avocado toast. However, one of Ventura’s most defining qualities is its rich culture for young artists hoping to make it big (or keep their indie status) in the music industry. One band in particular sticks out: Everything I Own. Everything I Own is an indie group consisting of four band members, two of whom attend Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech). Ever since they started their band back in 2022, they have played multiple gigs around Ventura, showcasing their incredible, indie sound. 

Audrey Szijj ‘26 is the singer credited with bringing the band together. Despite being one of the main singers, she is also a songwriter, guitarist, pianist and occasional harmonica player. As a student of Foothill Tech, Szijj started the band after hearing about a program through Burch Studios that helps young artists form bands. Burch Studios is located at the heart of Ventura, surrounded by the Foothill mountains on one side and the Ventura coastline on the other. Szijj originally got the inspiration for the band from family connections, saying, “There’s a lot of musicians in my family … that’s where I get my instruments from as well as my inspiration for music.”

I wanted to join the band because I need to do music. I love music. This is going to be my career.

— Benjamin Garcia Frank ‘25

After formulating the idea for the band, Szijj then brought on Benjamin Garcia ‘25, another Foothill Tech student. Garcia is the bassist and producer, sometimes dabbling in songwriting as well. “[Joining the band] was kinda an excuse to have a social life,” Garcia said, “After school, I was like, ‘What am I doing?’ I wanted to hang out with friends, but I didn’t know what to do so it’s like, band!” When interviewing Garcia, their passion for music and dedication to the band were prevalent in each word. 

The next member that came onto the team was Kell Kingsmith ‘26 from Ventura High School, the band’s drummer. Finally, Ella Robles ‘26 Oak Grove School became the fourth member as another front singer, songwriter and guitarist. 

The band has been together for over a year, but while their roles and positions in the band were known from the start, one thing they had trouble with was picking a name for themselves. Szijj mentioned that it took them almost a year to choose a name they all agreed upon. “The first name was Figure Four, and then it was Goose Guice,” said Szijj, “And then one day, I was listening to Conan Gray, and I was like ‘What if it’s Everything I Own?’” 

After having figured out the logistics of the band, they were able to play multiple gigs all around Ventura, which has given them a name around the community. Whether they’re playing their own music or covering songs from artists they look up to, they have a unique sound. Although each band member had a varying answer, they say some of the artists they take inspiration from for their music are Taylor Swift, boygenius, Conan Gray and Sleep Token. These different artists all contribute to their unique sound. With this sound, they have had the opportunity to play gigs at one of Ventura’s most notable venues: The Ventura Majestic Theatre

Being in this band has really connected me with a lot of other musicians my age; I think that’s really cool.

— Ella Robles '26

This theater has been around since the 1920s and has been a large contributor to Ventura’s lively music scene. At this particular show, they, along with a couple of other bands, performed a set to an audience of many people from all over the county. Robles said, “I love performing … It used to be scary, and a lot of people say it never becomes not scary, but I honestly don’t agree with that.” They plan on playing at The Ventura Majestic Theatre again at a small band festival on Dec. 16, 2023. 

Although the band doesn’t have much music on streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music yet, Szijj said, “We want to record our own versions of the songs we’ve written in the future.” So, if you’re looking for a local band to check out soon, look no further than Everything I Own.

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