Harry’s House: an ode to the past and future of music



Harry Styles’ new album, “Harry’s House,” evokes excitement and anticipation through fans across the globe while demonstrating new sounds for the music industry to carry on through future artists.

Frances English, Writer

Harry Styles’ third single studio album came out on May 20, 2022, a memorable and special day for Styles’ fans across the globe. The album titled “Harry’s House” is filled with disco dance music as well as heartfelt and emotional ballads. These songs play an essential role in both the growing adaptation of Styles’ sound and the sound of new generations, inspiring a new and particular music genre to take its place in the history of music. 

All three of Styles’ released albums carry a unique and era-defining vibe. His newest album inspires colors of greens, yellows, reds and oranges, while also nodding to the feeling of sitting in a flower garden while drinking a glass of lemonade, driving on endless road trips and going stargazing on a warm summer’s night. 

These feelings are just some that listeners of the album both relate to and want to experience, either radiating joyful or downhearted emotions. Many of the songs recognize Styles’ musical inspirations, consisting of artists in the 1970s, creating their well-known disco feel.  

As It Was,” Styles’ only officially released single before the album came out, was broadcasted worldwide on April 1, creating many speculations on what other songs would sound like and what was to be expected for the future of Styles’ music. The peppy beat paired with sad and emotional lyrics caused many fans to reflect on the song’s meaning. 

Two more songs debuted before the album’s release while Styles’ performed on stage at the Coachella music festival, entitled “Late Night Talking” and “Boyfriends.” The last song to be performed just days before the majority was called “Daylight“, sung in an interview on the “Howard Stern Show.” Fans would wait until the official release to run to all social media platforms and declare their opinion on the album’s entirety.

In his previous album, “Fine Line,” Styles’ most popular songs subscribed to fun summer music, a trademark extensively used in most of the songs in “Harry’s House.” Some of these popular upbeat hits include “Late Night Talking,” “Satellite,” “Grapejuice” and “Music For a Sushi Restaurant.” People of all ages expressed their appreciation for the music through social media, creating dancing and lip-syncing videos. “Love Of My Life,” a song mixing both positive and negative emotions, was used in the original teaser for the album and was featured as the final song. This song proves to be significant for the album and the future of his music career. 

Sign of the Times,” “Falling” and “Fine Line” are only some of the pure heartbreak songs that Styles has done in the past. These songs hold great emotional importance and leave fans often crying after live performances. Fans greatly anticipated this album’s sorrowful songs for the new album. 

After the long-awaited reveal, the song to cry appears to be “Matilda,” a song nodding to Roald Dahl’s titular character as she grows up and is forced to reflect on her family. “Little Freak,” a less gut-wrenching but not as cheerful as other songs on the album, was also voted one of Styles’ more emotional additions. Some fans compared the song to one on his last album, “Cherry,” where Styles seems to reflect on his past relationships. 

The album release was a hit and projected to be Styles’ best-selling album, welcoming new fans in and celebrating growth with the old ones. More fan favorites are being proclaimed and more lyrics are being memorized. Although the album marks a principal time in his career and life, fans still have important dates to look forward to as Styles’ will be undergoing a world tour in the next year featuring numerous nights at Madison Square Garden and The Kia Forum. Movies featuring Styles’ acting skills are also released later in the year. The year is far from over for Harry Styles fans across the globe and these new songs only mark the beginning of a new era of music, not only for Styles himself but the progression of music in general. 

Harry Styles’ new album, “Harry’s House,” evokes excitement and anticipation through fans across the globe while demonstrating new sounds for the music industry to carry on through future artists. 

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