Buena’s “Chicago” delivers a stunning play, and all that jazz


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Grayson Button ’20, Maddie Guenther ’21 and Gwendolyn Elyse ’20 posed as their characters.

Elie Bufford, Writer

Under the brilliant lights, Buena’s auditorium stage was transformed into the streets and cells of Chicago during the 1920s. Starting from when the curtains opened, to the final bows, the cast of Buena’s “Chicago” delivered a stunning performance. From energetic dance numbers, to emotional monologues, the play received enthusiastic reactions from the crowd, followed by a well deserved standing ovation. As the cast guided the audience through the tale of Roxie Hart, the effort the students put into their showcase shined through and resulted in an overall admirable performance.

“Chicago” tells the story of Roxie Hart, a girl attempting to avoid a sentence for a murder she committed, while searching for stardom in the fickle world of Chicago. Maddie Guenther ‘21 performed as Roxie Hart, beautifully executing the character in an expressive and three dimensional way.

Another stand-out performance was Grayson Button ‘20, and his rendition of Billy Flynn. The moment Button stepped on stage, he was accompanied by enthusiastic cheering. Throughout the whole play, Button’s portrayal of a sleazy lawyer held attention and drew applause. The whole cast, from the leads to the psuedo band, performed well and delivered an exceptional show.

Emma Bograd ‘21, was a member of the on-stage band. Bograd and the other band members were on stage for the entire duration, even at times interacting with the lead actors, adding an entertaining twist to the show.

Despite joining the cast later on, Bograd stated that the cast was “super welcoming and it was just super fun.” 

With a relatively simple yet effective set, the staging and movement of the actors made the scenes come alive. Whether it was within the cells of murder row or a lawyer’s office, the cast brought the audience into the room with them. Not only did the staging of the production bring meaning to the scenes, but the magnificent dancing and superb acting of the cast made for an excellent showcase.

Overall, Buena’s rendition of “Chicago” was a well done performance. The acting and staging were excellent, and the effort put into it was evident. With musical numbers that make you want to sing along and emotional monologues that left the audience cheering for characters, the cast struck a wonderful balance between fun and meaningful. Without a doubt, it was a play well worth watching.

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