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Karina Schink: Life through the eyes of a nanny, an author, and a student


On April 8, the impossible happened. I became an author. A published author.

It was an incredible feeling and it was something that launched me into so many different things. I met some amazing people and I met my now editor, Michelle, who is currently editing my book which we intend to try to traditionally publish in 2014.

I’ve been told by professionals that my book could be big. Bestseller big. I couldn’t believe it.

While waiting for my editor to finish “A Cutthroat Destiny,” I’ve been working on a new novel.

On top of this, I am also a student, obviously, and I have a part-time job.

My jobs as a nanny and author don’t always co-exist with my responsibilities as a student.

Here is an average day for me:

I wake up at 6:18 a.m., put in my contacts, drink a cup of coffee, have breakfast, and I’m on my way to school.

I have three classes, and then I have ten minutes at home, and I’m already off to go and pick up the three kids I watch every day after school.

At 5 p.m., I’m back home and it’s homework time, then it’s book writing time.

Sure, it’s probably not super important for college or my future to write every single day, but it’s important to me.

During the day, I also try and find time to refresh my mind with the monologues I always know and my singing.

Seriously, YouTube voice lessons actually help.

I love what I do every day. Sometimes, I really don’t feel like being a nanny and sometimes I don’t feel like being an author, but this is what my life is like right now and I’m so completely thrilled to make my way to the next part of my life.

College, career, love, family, friends; they’re all in the future, and that’s great. There is not a thing I do every single day without considering the future.

That’s probably how every senior is feeling right now, and honestly, I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing.

All of our futures are here, right now. Yeah, I know I said what everyone has been feeling.

Where I’m going with this is that I live the life of a nanny, an author, an aspiring actor, and a student. It’s not easy and I’m 100 percent positive that there are people at Foothill who work harder than I do, who have two jobs, and more AP classes than I do.

We’re stressed out of our minds, sad that Miley Cyrus isn’t Hannah Montana anymore, and some of us are honestly just hanging on by a thread, hoping to survive.

But maybe it’s not such a bad thing that we care so much about our futures. Maybe our crazy lives right now are just prompting us for what’s ahead. Maybe what’s ahead is just so much better because we worked for it.

So, to all of you who are working way harder than me, Christmas is almost here. It’s almost a new year and college acceptance letters have started to come in.

What do you think?
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    AnonymousFeb 24, 2014 at 10:19 am

    I was under the impression that a nanny is a professionally trained childcare provider. I don’t mean to be rude, but from the description you have written in this article, you are a babysitter for 3 hours everyday. Not a nanny. And I would like to read your “published” book (I’m honestly curious) because I need some new reading materials. Feel free to contradict me.

    The Student hanging from a thread.

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Karina Schink: Life through the eyes of a nanny, an author, and a student