Foothill Tech students help save lives at annual blood drive


Ella Nicolle

Students at Foothill Technology High School donate blood through a Vitalant blood drive organized by BioScience students.

Ella Asher, Reporter

On the morning of Oct. 10, 2022, the spirit of giving filled the air as Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) students made their way to the Vitalant Blood Donation vans to donate blood to those in need. Hosted by Foothill Tech’s BioScience students, students of ages 16 and up and who met the donation requirements had the opportunity to donate blood to Vitalant, a local blood care clinic.

BioScience had been advertising the blood drive at lunch from Oct. 4-7 in an effort to attract more donors. Three hours of community service and a Vitalant t-shirt were given as incentives to students who donated blood. There was also a sign-up table with snacks and water for students who needed them before or after their blood was drawn. 

Giving blood is important to so many people, Cameryn Henuber ‘24 elaborated that “both of my parents have had really big health problems in the last couple of years and they’ve needed blood transfers so I thought it would be nice if I was able to donate blood and help someone else.” 

This event can truly help BioScience members get a feel of what they could possibly be doing in the future. Laura Szavo ‘24 said that Bioscience hosting the blood drive benefits students as “getting experience with running these types of events and also just spreading awareness because we are kind of related to the medical and science field and this could be something that graduates participate in, in the future.”

Simply put, Taylor Reynolds ‘24, expressed it is important to donate blood because “you can help somebody that really needs it.”  

According to, supplying hospitals with an adequate supply of blood for everyday emergencies is crucial to so many lives. In other words, “You have a source of life pulsing within you that has the power to transform another life.” 

Overall, the day was a success. Foothill Tech students donated a total of 47 pints of blood, saving up to 141 lives. In doing so, students exhibited a pure form of selflessness. The act of giving without any form of receiving truly demonstrates the character and courage of these students.

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