Mr. Powers’ powerful impact on Foothill Technology High School’s campus


Olivia Mowad

Mr. Powers is one of the most beloved teachers at Foothill, renowned for prizes of golden bricks and crows. His lighthearted personality and willingness to aid students have made his room a lively place to spend time in.

Isheeta Pal, Writer

One may hear the word “math” and often associate it with being a complicated and boring subject. However, Wayne Powers, a math teacher who has been teaching at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) for seven years, has broken this stereotype. From the words of an anonymous Foothill Tech student, Mr. Powers has, “shifted the stigma behind math being hard to math being fun and challenging.”

On Feb. 14, 2022, Foothill Tech’s Associated Student Body (ASB) posted on Instagram stating that Mr. Powers was the Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Month. Upon discovering this, Mr. Powers mentioned that he was “shocked” and “honored” to have received this recognition because there were many other teachers that also deserved it. 

Moreover, Foothill Tech students expressed a positive reaction when they found out about this. Many of them commented words of appreciation on ASB’s post and even reposted it onto their own Instagram stories. 

In order to learn more about Mr. Powers, here are a few questions and answers that will help. 


Why did Mr. Powers decide to become a math teacher? 

Mr. Powers stated that after being a bricklayer for eight years, he, “realized [he] had to do something else.” So, he went to Ventura College to talk to a counselor, who suggested that he should be a teacher. When the counselor initially asked him which subject he wanted to teach, he did not know which one to choose at the time. However, when the counselor asked him if he had any teacher he liked, he named his middle school teacher, who essentially served as an inspiration for getting into his teaching career. Then, one thing led to another and he got to where he is today. 

What motivates Mr. Powers to continue teaching math?

Mr. Powers expressed that what motivates him to continue teaching math is trying, “to be good at what [he] does” and “since [he comes to school] every day and [spends] the majority of [his] time doing [math, he wants] to be good at it.” Acknowledging this motivating factor, a former student of Mr. Powers describes him as a teacher who reflects his love for math onto his students.

What makes Mr. Powers a popular teacher among the student body? 

According to many students, Mr. Powers’ teaching mechanisms keep all of his students engaged in his class. Merric Bayless ‘24 remarks that Mr. Powers’, “funny tangents, unique teaching, hilarious side comments and lively lessons,” are what keep him engaged and wanting to learn more about math.

Another Foothill Tech student mentioned that Mr. Powers would tell their class funny stories and, “was understanding when students had trouble understanding material due to the online barrier.” They also mentioned that going to Mr. Powers’ class every day was, “a relief instead of a burden.” 

In addition to learning math, students create fun memories in Mr. Powers’ class. Some of these memories include seeing his dogs on Zoom, him looking for banjos on Craigslist and him bringing Rice Krispy treats for his students. 

Overall, Mr. Powers’ powerful impact on Foothill Tech is what allows students to discover the complexity of the math subject. So, the next time you see him in the hallways or in E-108, be sure to say hello to him.

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