New media center employee, Cynthia Magana


Muriel Rowley

Newest dragon in the media center, Cynthia Magana

Bella Meza, Writer

Cynthia Magana is the newest media center employee at Foothill. Even at her young age, she has experienced multiple career pathways, but now finds herself loving to interact with students in order to “influence the future.” She is adamant about her love for singing and she describes her favorite place as being “in the middle of a good book.” She’s here to help, and she says even though she might seem a little reserved and shy, she’s eager to help and talk to students about their academic life and lives outside of school.

Magana is the eldest of four children and helped to raise them. She has attended a community college, “I’ve gone to a community college, no shame, it’s a good option,” said Magana. “I’ve been in the accounting world, accounting, underwriting. I’ve been in a very structured kind of career before and now I’ve moved into a more service type of work,” Magana went on to add that the work she is doing now is what she’s really passionate about and she loves getting to interact with students during the day.

Her passion for singing is a big part of who she is. However, it’s no surprise that she works in a library because she loves to read. She describes her job as being “the perfect fit.”  Additionally, Magana loves to be out in nature and photographing what she sees. 



Magana describes herself as being strong, innovative and relaxed. Her advice for high school students is to make everything worthwhile, not to waste your time in high school and to take advantage of every opportunity.

Her typical workday is hectic and noisy during break and lunch. She loves to see students and help them check out books. Yet, she still works in a library, so for the majority of the time, as you might imagine, it’s very quiet. “If you need any help with anything, I’m here. Don’t be shy, I know that I might seem a little quiet and reserved, but I’m not,” said Magana.

She wants everyone to be kind and respectful to others. Magana thinks students should never judge themselves or others. In order to become more successful academically, she believes that students should ask questions, adding that there are no stupid questions and never be afraid to ask for help.

Magana is Foothill’s newest library employee. She’s eager to begin her new journey and assist students in any way that she can. The next time you’re in the library checking out a book or getting some homework done, be sure to stop by her desk, say hello, and ask her about her favorite books to read.

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