School Board: Ventura Unified budget

Claire Renar

Election Series: School Board Candidates Question #4 from The Foothill Dragon Press on Vimeo.

This video contains interviews from the candidates that are running to be elected into the Ventura Unified School Board. Unfortunately, the video files containing candidate Tomas Luna’s interview was corrupted. The first five questions will not be included. The transcript for Tomas Luna can be found linked with the rest of this series here. Candidate Matthew Almaraz – District 5 was asked to be included in the series, but declined to be interviewed.

Anthony Krzywicki – District 1: 30  
Velma Lomax – District 1: 1:01
Madhu Bajaj – District 4: 3:41
Jerry Dannenberg – District 4: 4:51
Deborah Meyer-Morris – District 4: 5:57

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