Recap: Dragons defeated by St. Bonaventure Seraphs 0-1

Katie Denger

The Foothill Tech Dragons took a hard 0-1 loss against St. Bonaventure Seraphs on Saturday, Jan. 13. The Seraphs’ goal was scored off of a penalty kick in the second half that Coach Andreas Wedderien considered the result of a bad call by the referee.

Sam Valdez ‘20 also said that they “conceded an unlucky goal” and “didn’t shoot enough.”  

Cole Chilcutt ‘18 thought that one of the team’s weaknesses was that the team “didn’t pressure the ball” and “need to work harder to get through the rest of the season.”

Valdez also mentioned that “the wind was definitely a factor in the game.”

Despite this, the team “kept working through it,” Chilcutt said. Wedderien also believed that the Dragons “dominated the game.” Valdez thought that Foothill’s goalkeeper, Luke Shadden ‘21, played “solid” and that “he saved [the team] a lot” even though “he had to go against a penalty.”

One of the team’s goals for the season is “to start working together as a team,” Chilcutt affirmed. They plan to accomplish this by staying focused and continuing to practice.

Chilcutt was awarded “Man of the Match” in the Saturday game because “he led by example and pushed for a win,” Wedderien stated.

According to Valdez the team plans to continue working towards another goal of theirs, making it to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs, by “not playing how [they] did [on Saturday.]”

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