BREAKING: Prom ticket sales exceed expectations, students to receive partial refund


Bella Bobrow

This morning, 51 students received a pink call slip inviting them meet with Melanie “Captain” Lindsey to seek a partial refund on their Prom ticket. These 51 students will be able to attend the bulk of the dance, from 8 to 11 p.m., but will not be able to attend dinner.

The venue, Las Posas Country Club, can only accommodate 300 people for dinner. However, 351 tickets were sold, so the last 51 people who bought tickets (mostly at the end of lunch and after school on Wednesday) will be put on the no-dinner list.

If students on the no-dinner list do not seek the refund, they will still not be permitted to enter before 8 p.m. Alternatively, if students on the no-dinner list want to trade spots with others on the dinner-inclusive list, they must arrange the switch specifically through Lindsey today. Refunds can be sought after the dance, but to receive them, students must have been on the no-dinner list.

Couples can receive a $60 refund, and singles can receive a $45 refund, lowering the cost to $75 and $40, respectively.

Foothill’s Associated Student Body (ASB) sold 263 Prom tickets last year, and accordingly planned for 300 this year. It was not expected that ticket sales would exceed that number.

“That’s an unprecedented growth rate for a school activity,” Lindsey said. “What it means is that the bridge between ASB and the student body is getting stronger and stronger, that the trust level between ASB and the student body is getting stronger, and that kids are getting more connected to the campus. All those are positives. Next year we’re just going to find a venue for 500, and then we won’t have that problem.”

Junior Class Vice President Alaina Hooks said that it was difficult to decide how to proceed.

“It was kind of a hard decision for us to make,” Hooks said, “but we didn’t want to exclude them from the entire experience, because we are all looking forward to it and Prom is such an important memory in high school.”
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