News Brief: Jamba Juice competition sweetens ASB budget

Chloe Hilles

Recently, Associated Student Body (ASB) students unanimously voted to purchase a portable speaker system, with the $1,000 Jamba Juice awarded to Foothill after winning a competition.

Votes were tallied for every smoothie, juice or bowl sold in that school’s name during the week of October 24th to 30th. Foothill gathered the most votes, out of the three competing schools.

Melanie “Captain” Lindsey, ASB advisor, envisions the portable speakers being used in back parking lot for an event, brought to Ventura College gym for graduation and being used at any sporting event.

“We’d have our own speaker system that anybody on campus could use for whatever events they were doing,” she said.

Lindsey explained that the system can be purchased for less than $1,000, so there will be some money left over. There are no current spending plans for the extra funds.


Update: It turns out that the $1,000 will go farther than expected. Click here to read.

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