Talents shine at “Freaky” Air Guitar


Tyler Herzog

The audience erupted in applause Friday after faculty and students sang and danced for them. Some wore silly costumes while others played an instrument.


The audience erupted in applause Friday after faculty and students sang and danced for them. Some wore silly costumes while others played an instrument.

Students enjoyed an extended lunch and they could buy food from 5 different food trucks and 2 dessert trucks.

Foothill’s talent show, known as “Air Guitar” to students, was the finale to a school spirit week and is part of the end of school events. Friday’s spirit day theme was “Freaky Friday” and was integrated into the “Friday the 13th” talent show. The stage was decorated with black fabric drops and fake cobwebs.

Before the show started, Principal Joe Bova honored one freshman with the Tanner Aubert Award for determination and great spirit. Tanner Aubert was a former Foothill student who passed away and showed these traits despite major obstacles. This year, the award went to freshman Ian McEwan.

Then the show was opened with seniors Michael Vaughan and Mishael Gurrola and freshman Kaylan Ouerbacker.

After all of the performances, the judges chose first, second and third place winners.

In first place, juniors Brianna Graham and Jacob Barba sang “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Ella Eyre. Together, the duet left the crowd cheering for their musical talent.

Second place, junior Brianna Corbett, sang and played “One and Only” by Adele on the piano. Although the stage scenery fell mid-performance, Corbett continued, unfazed by the disruption.

“I’ve been performing for a really long time so it was surprising, but no big deal to remain professional and continue doing nothing [about the technical difficulties], because the show must go on,” Corbett said.



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Third place was awarded to Jasmine Basilan and Ashley Inocando who danced to a mashup of songs with their unique style, befitting the mood of each song.

In addition to these performers, there was a plethora of other singers and a dancer including:

  • Ethan Ambler
  • Yael Bouzaglo
  • Alex Cohen
  • Aud Franada
  • Kaya Splies and Jacob Ayers
  • Corinn Conant
  • Hailey Villano and Trinity Crown

Each performance left the crowd in awe as they screamed their names, cheered and clapped.

After all the students had performed and the judges conferred, the annual teacher production began.

Year after year, the teachers of Foothill get together to sing a few songs in fun outfits. This year, the performance was based on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Show. Teachers amused the audience with multiple lip sync battles.




As a tribute performance, teachers Yiu Hung Li and Justin Frazier dressed up as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, respectively, to sing “Under Pressure.”

Students broke into laughter each time one of their teachers came on stage.

It especially surprised the crowd when teacher Anthony Unchangco, and teacher / Associate Student Body (ASB) advisor, Melanie Lindsey, both dressed up as Britney Spears and sang her song “Baby One More Time.”

Bova and teacher Emily Hunt agreed that Air Guitar is important because students at Foothill can become stressed out at the end of the school year and the event is a time for them to relax.

“I feel like it’s the time of year a lot of students are stressed out and so it’s fun to celebrate and be together,” Hunt said.


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/264054860″ params=”color=ff0000&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Bova said that, “Air Guitar has been a long tradition here and it’s a celebration of school almost being over and a lot of people have finished their AP tests.”

“In the past we have finished our state testing too, and so it’s like this big stress relief for everybody and definitely builds on our culture here,” he continued.

Senior Corinn Conant hopes that Foothill continues the Air Guitar tradition because, “it shows that our school is well diversified with singers, dancers, actors, everything and not just academics and sports.”


Background Photo Credit: Grace Carey / The Foothill Dragon Press

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