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Editorial: Dragon Press endorses candidates for ASB president and vice president

editorial3In the wake of drastic changes to come, strong leaders will be needed to guide the students of Foothill toward the future. The voices of the students need to be heard, so healthy communication between students and government is key, especially with the upcoming addition of sports to Foothill. 

Like the vast majority of professional media publications at election time, the Foothill Dragon Press (for the first time in its 5-year history) is making a recommendation to the student body regarding candidates for ASB president and vice president.  

After a thorough review of platforms submitted by the candidates as well interviews conducted by Dragon Press reporters, we are endorsing junior Evan Askar for ASB President and junior Annie Sinclair for Vice President. The candidates were chosen by the 13-member Dragon Press Editorial Review Board based on their platforms and their experience. 

When the new sports program begins in the fall, the ASB president and vice president will be expected to not only help promote and support this program, but to listen to the concerns of the student body.

In their platforms, all three presidential candidates mentioned the disparity between ASB and the student body , which is why it is more important than ever for the new president and vice president to strengthen the bond between ASB and students. To read presidential platforms click here.

Though all candidates for president mentioned sports, Askar specifically stated that his main priority is to improve the relationship between ASB and the general populace, in addition to integrating sports with academic success by implementing an incentive system for student athletes. The platforms of the other candidates seemed vague, lacking specifics in how to transition from an academic to an athletic inclusive environment.

The very culture of our school hangs in a delicate balance, and a divide between the students and those who are supposed to represent them threatens to overturn that balance. We believe Askar recognizes this divide best, and is the only one of the three presidential candidates to propose solid policy plans in his written platform, in terms of closing this gap.

He has clearly mapped out a four-prong plan for his term:

  • to provide optional F.I.R.E time to juniors and seniors to receive help with college applications
  • to successfully integrate sports into Foothill’s community through athlete recognition
  • to improve Renaissance through new rules
  • to tear down the barrier and improve communication between ASB and the student body through surveys, polls and the democratic process

It is essential for candidates to have a plan to go along with their promises to the voters in order to make idealistic sentiment into tangible policy. A plan ensures that a candidate’s goals are realistic and can be achieved within the span of their term. Agree or disagree with their ideas, the leader with a plan is always better than the one without.  By that principle alone, we believe Askar is the person for the job.

The ASB president must be someone who isn’t simply popular. He or she must be a leader who has a plan for the future and acts for the best interest of the populace.

The position of vice president, however, is a completely different animal. This role must be filled by someone who is willing and able to lead the ASB class while the president attends to other matters, but  who also shares the same value of communication with the student body.

The Dragon Press believes Sinclair would be well suited for the job. She has had three years of experience with ASB and has been her class secretary for all three terms. Organization and experience are both extremely vital characteristics of a successful leader, especially one who must lead an entire class during a time of school-wide transition.  Sinclair’s platform also compliments Askar’s. To read vice presidential platforms click here.

Sinclair’s platform is to help students be the best they can be through improving Renaissance,  Finish Strong, and Commit to Graduate.  

Of all the candidates, Askar and Sinclair  best back their ideas with strong plans as stated in their written platforms submitted to ASB teacher Melanie Lindsey,  which is precisely why they are the best people for the job. They have the potential to lead the school in a positive, new direction, in the face of unpredictable events and inevitable alterations to the atmosphere of Foothill.  

Student government officials must be held accountable for for their promises, goals, and  failures, and that is why it can no longer simply be a game of,“Who is the most likable?” Today and tomorrow, when you cast your ballets, we urge you to remember that the ASB elections are more than a popularity contest.

Image Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

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Comments (4)

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  • J

    Justin FrazierFeb 5, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    This is yet another clear example of the Dragon Press’s blatant liberal bias. You highlight Askar’s Renaissance plan yet turn a blind eye on his flip-flopping over campaign finance reform, and although I would agree Ms. Sinclair has the credentials to fit the role of VP, it is concerning that you fail to mention her refusal to comment on her role in the Benghazi scandal.

  • A

    Ami BallmerFeb 5, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    I agree with Evan Askar! His was the only platform that seemed like some change from the current, unsatisfactory status quo! I wish ASB elections were less of a popularity contest!

  • S

    Sabrena RodriguezFeb 5, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    I know you are a very fair and balanced group of students, but I’m a little uncomfortable with candidate endorsements. Even in professional news outlets it can give too big a voice to the media. Particularly since the Dragon Press is the only publication at school, your opinions may sway students even more without any opportunity for a dissenting opinion

  • C

    Cherie EulauFeb 5, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Gutsy move to endorse candidates.

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Editorial: Dragon Press endorses candidates for ASB president and vice president