I am sort of fashionable…nice to know!

Conni Carr

Black leather – CHECK…bought a leather jacket last month…waiting for a good, cold day!

Anything red – CHECK…lots of Foothill red in my closet…one of my favorites!

Sheath dress – NO CHECK…will have to wait until I lose another 20 pounds…maybe for Christmas!

Bright bags – CHECK…bought a purple purse to break out of my traditional black!

Leopard print – CHECK…bought a sheer leopard tie blouse to go over tank tops and my denim jacket has leopard trim on the sleeves and collar!

Neon pink and black – NO CHECK…had enough of that in the 80s…thanks very much!

Ruffles – NO CHECK…had enough of that in the 80s, too…should have see the shirts we wore in junior high!

Bold necklaces – CHECK…got a different one for every day of the week…Ms. Powers is soooo jealous of me!

Sparkly shoes – NO CHECK…I gotta get some for the holidays to go with that sheath dress…maybe for Winter Formal!

Embellished T-shirts – NO CHECK…maybe I could add some bling to my Renaissance shirts!

Dressy leggings – NO CHECK…got enough of leggings in the 90s!

Vintage jewelry – CHECK…I will have to go through my “old stuff” box and my greatgrandmother’s jewelry box…I will find something to go with that sheath dress and sparkly shoes…watch for me at Winter Formal…now I HAVE to show up!

What do you think?