David White

The administration is completely unjustified in removing David White from office. Although what he may have done was a poor joke, nonetheless, it was outside of the jurisdiction of the administration, and it would have been equally outrageous if he had been suspended for comments on his facebook page, which do not take place at school. It is perhaps more obvious to see that since the administration cannot punish David White with an actual suspension, or detention, they have chosen to remove him from office, surely to set an example, and possibly teach everyone a lesson about the consequences of discrimination. However, we have the First Amendment in the country, and what David said, joke or not, is perfectly allowable under the Bill of Rights, although not all may agree with his joke.

A recent example of this in national politics is when Rahm Emanuel referred to some liberal activists as “f*cking retarded.” This clearly is disrespectful to both the activists, and to mentally challenged people across the nation. However, no one has forcibly removed Rahm Emanuel for office, and no one will for that infraction, because under out countries law he is allowed to speak as he wishes, no matter how offensive it may be to someone.

Clearly, the decision to remove David White from office is a gross overstepping of the authority of the administration. ASB absolutely should reconsider this foolish decision.

What do you think?