Converse vs. Vans: The most desired shoe (15 photos)


Credit: (top) Ellie Morrison & (middle & bottom) Maddy Schmitt

There’s tough competition among high school students for the battle between Converse and Vans.

Paris Shepherd, Writer


A choice between a timeless classic and the ideal “skate” shoe. Whether you are going for that polished vintage look or a cool skater vibe, either Converse or Vans can perfect any outfit.

Fashion enthusiasts tend to notice what people are wearing. This includes what is being worn on their feet. With the popular wave of Converse shoes, people have noticed them and have taken advantage of their recycled popularity. Fashion is made up of resurfacing styles from different eras; Converse have made a comeback.

Originally manufactured as one of the very first basketball shoes, the first version of the All Star basketball shoe was produced in 1917, by the Converse Rubber Cooperation. Converse were then made popular by Charles H. Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestones. Hence the name Chuck Taylor found on the ankle patch of all Converse.

Converse represent the “all American” boys shoe.

In comparison with Converse, Vans originated in 1966 at the Van Doren Rubber Company. Steve Van Doren worked to make custom shoes for his customers, attracting the attention of skaters like Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta. Eventually adding the ‘Off the Wall’ label on the new skate shoe.

When asking those who religiously wear either Converse or Vans which shoe they would prefer as well as why, they shared many of the same responses.

Trevor Harris said , “I’d choose Vans because there are so many different styles to choose from.”

 This was the most common reply when asked to give a reason why a person likes Vans better.

However, Oracio Perez said that “Converse are just better looking.”

 When having to choose between the classic Chuck Taylors or a retro pair of Vans, the majority of people choose Converse. The reasoning behind this is that they look great with any look and their solid colors don’t distract from an outfit, which patterned Vans sometimes do.


 Always seen with Converse on her feet, Sara Morda praised Converse by saying that, “Converse are the shoes I’ve grown up wearing. They are just comfortable and last forever.”

 The durability of both Vans and Converse is apparent, and Sara boasts that she’s had a pair of each for a few years, but she likes Converse better.

 Both of these sought after shoes will continue to be prevalent on the feet of many generations to come. Each pair of shoes has a story to tell and its story is apparent on a well-worn pair of either Converse or Vans.

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